A pirates feast

Hello all, take it easy on me as this is my first stab at actually writing a blog ( peer pressure is a bitch). I’ve posted a lot of pictures on flickr and have finally bitten the bullet and started this. Not quite sure what to say, but i suppose that gets easier over time.
First…and foremost I want to thank those that inspire me to better myself and my photography skills ( daym you Rhenu and Roxi) without your constant nagging I would have never done this myself.
So without any further adieu,


pirate final

The final day of the FGC is here, but its still not to late to get those last minute things.
The feast collection by 22769~ [bauwerk] is an amazing one that can be used in a modern setting as well.

I’ve also found a store I can no longer live without the bulk of my outfit is from there.
Bosley Outfit from: LostGem mesh

And the gods must have been in my favor as I found a hat and a Polly at [Terri]:Calypso Hat ( comes with the polly…who talks!)

The Eyepatch: [The Forge] Bandage Patch M ( free in store) is another awsome accessory that every pirate needs. stop on by and pick it up and while your there you can pick up anything from armor to weapons .
Finally the Rapier( which i did not do justice ) can be picked up here at the white armory.


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