It calms the soul

 Fishing 2.1.1

   From my earliest time I can remember my pops would take me fishing.  He always knew the best spots to go and had his secret ones that never failed.  When he first started taking me I hated it…all the dirt and smells, days without showering, the scrapes and cuts and the daym bugs!

As I got older and started to actually like going..thats when hell began!  We no longer fished with just a pole or two..we would spend hrs setting out lines and bank poles..100’s of them lined the shore for miles.  We would get done setting them and would make the trip up river again to where camp was and take an hr or so to relax and get something to eat…then we would do the whole process over checking each line and rebating them.  When the sun went down we were tired, hungry and filthy. Pops would stoke up the fire and cook us us some grub. As many times as I tried to help he would always want to do it himself, his way. It was always the best food I had ever tasted.  After dinner we would sit and talk for hrs…about anything and everything.  Pops never seemed to have many problems but always had stories and would sit and listen to the problems I had with work, family or anything else.

After the trip we would pack it all up and head home.  I would help him get the camping stuff back to where it belonged then I would head straight home and wash all the filth and smell away..and believe me there was a lot of it!  After I got clean I’d give my pops a call to see how he was doing and it was almost always the same. After 4 days on the river working our butts off…he would go straight to his garden and finish out the day!

We did this every year for 40yrs.  Our haul was generally big… upwards of 200lbs of fish.  We would have a cookout every month and invite the rest of my siblings and their children and once every Memorial Day we would have a family reunion with the whole clan.

From that one trip (and my father fishing almost everyday from the shores of the small island he lived on year round) we would have enough for everyone to get their share of catfish for the year.

As the years went by my pops never slowed down…ever.  Not even when he went through cancer the first time…or the second.  If my father taught me one thing it was to never quit ( though I will admit I’ll never be 1/2 the man he was).  He grew up dirt poor on a cotton farm in Little Rock and moved to the big city when he was 17…found a job..and kept it for 35 yrs.  Hell, even after he retired, his former employer couldn’t find anyone to take his place, so my dad gave them another 2yrs and trained someone for free. ( He donated his whole check to the local fishing/ hunt that kids who wouldn’t otherwise have a chance to do either could)

When it was finally his time to go he reached out and grabbed my hand and pulled me down to his face and said this. ” I love ya son and I’m proud of you. I wish I had more time, but Im afraid I don’t have any left…but..I want to tell you why, when we we’re on those trips you never heard me talk about anything that was bothering me…’s because right then, right there..nothing else mattered. So next time ya go fishing forget everything else and just look at where your at…let the river wash all your trouble down stream…let it calm your soul.”

I’ve tried to go fishing, but it’s just not the same.  Perhaps one day I’ll see my pops there and we can catch up.

Now for the goodies. Convair’s, Breno’s and Alouette’s offerings  can all be found at The Arcade These three collections Inspired me to update a little  spot  I’ve had on my sim for my pops since I bought it. For a complete collection list and shopping guide click here. Im sure you’ll find many other things ya just can’t live without!


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