SL Gods are the best.


Creating pictures of Deity’s and Gods (or at least my versions of them) is something I like doing even though I must say that it’s a real challenge at times being I’m a guy. ( you women have it easy!) But when the stars align as they did when Meshed Up released the Anubis Helms for this round of TOF, I remembered her earlier Gorget and Aisling’s Feldream staff..walaa..magic happens.

Anubis is one of the most iconic gods of ancient Egypt. Anubis is the Greek version of his name, the ancient Egyptians knew him as Anpu (or Inpu).

If ya wanna ed-ja-ma- cate yourself click (here)

[1A] Werewolf – BloodRage Male ( Shop )
*[MeshedUp]*_Gorget Red MALE Rare ( FGC ) ( Shop )
*[MeshedUp]*_Anubis Red Male ( TOF )
*The 5th Moon* Egyptian Barbarian – [1A] Werewolf ( Shop )
.Aisling. Feldream Staff RARE ( FGC ) ( Shop )


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