Bali Paradise

Bali Island Bali DeckI have always dreamed of going somewhere in the Tropic’s on vacation. The sun, crystal clear water and fresh air. ( and bikini’s..lots and lots of bikini’s)
8f8 has created a gorgeous Bali Resort Collection for us right here in SL for the upcoming TLC event. I did a little research and found out that bali also has so nice outcroppings and private islands devoid of the typical “tropic” palms so I knew paradise was right around the corner for me.
I know your asking yourself why you would ever give up the beach and sand for rocks and dirt. Hopefully the pictures speak for themselves and you can imagine being totally alone with the one you love ( until you’ve spent a week totally alone with them) on this beautiful little slice of paradise that with the help of 8f8 I have been able to create in our little world we call SL

The Bali Resort Collection is Available at TLC starting on 15th. click here to see 8f8’s preview of the complete collection.
Trompe Loeil – Patio Pool Brown ( store)
JOMO MESH Stone statues Bixi ( group fit) no longer Available but lots of freebies ( here)
Come see it in world ( LennonParkOnTheRock)


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