Hurricane ibi


Hurricane ibi2.3 Hurricane full.1.1

Hello all,
This post has a two-fold purpose as I just had to do something with the Noh8 tattoo I got from my awesome friend ….oh..crap
…what was the name..oh yeah Roxi ( who got it from a friend of hers)
Love is where you find it no matter what gender you find it in was a lesson I learned a few years back when my son finally admitted to living an alternative lifestyle. I was sad and angry at first then thought of all the pain he must have been going thru all those years knowing the fact that he had to bury what he felt in his heart and soul for my sake. It was then I realized how much suffering people like him go thru. I love him now more than ever for being brave enough to stand up and face the world, and if he could do it..well..I’m going to be right there standing up with him. ( Unless he votes for Obama again )

Then we have the afore mentioned hurricane I like to call ibi. His Ice Cream Dreams set is just amazing, and even more amazing was the amount of attention the #29 vintage chair received. It was a hard pull to get and ya need more than one ( I myself just make my friends sit at my feet while I pretend I’m the king of the mountain).
I also decided to put another one of my favorite designers things to the test and see if my Balaclava Builders Parade could help me pick up after Hurricane ibi nearly destroyed my wallet. I have been collecting Uriah’s things since he first began making them for the Arcade and other events. They bring back a sense of my childhood and one can never forget that.
Last but not least is the buildings I chose for the background. When I first decided to do this shoot my mind immediately went to CRIMARIZON which is owned by Megan Prumier. She does destruction so daym well!

Worn ( what there is of it) :
Hardhat: Balaclava’s Builders Parade helmet ( group gift ) available here
Noh8 Tattoo & Duct tape provided my Roxi
Sun glasses: (epia) – ‘Sunny Glasses’ ( Arcade Event )
Hair: Redgrave Cruz greying ( store)
Hands & Feet: Slink AvEnhance ( store)

Chairs: 8f8 #29 vintage chair/ Ice Cream Dreams collection ( Arcade Event )
Construction Equipment: Balaclava’s Builders Parade
( Arcade Event )
Buildings: CRIMARIZON #5 & #8 destroyed buildings ( store)

Ps. In Accordance to the association for equal treatment of chairs.
No Vintage chairs were harmed in the making of this shoot.


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