Morning Glory

Morning Glory

So, here i was minding my own business and trying to be a good boy. I was setting up for my next shot ( which was going to be totally innocent ) when I reposted my blog into Gacha Addicts. I then went to get my flickr link as well and checked on my peeps most recent pictures……and there i saw it.

Duchess Flux in the water flagrantly flaunting her ass! I mean who in the heck does she think she is trying to dethrowne me and my flagrant display of ass! Well this just cannot be, so I called upon my ass to go into battle. Luckily my routine of squat thrusts and booty claps has paid off recently because there is no second place in this war. It’s every Ass for themselves and they have been taught to take no prisoners!
It seems that other’s have joined the fray and it’s a free for all until the last Ass is standing!
Caitlin ‘Caity’ Tobias was last seen flagrantly flaunting her ass after causing a boeing pilot to make a water landing for a closer look. What in the world was she thinking! she needs to hide that ass for the safety of all nations!

I had seen the new Tableau Vivant viking hair at The Fantasy Collective and was thinking of buying it for an upcoming shoot. But when I saw Duchess’s picture  of the hair combined with the Hex Tattoo by Reckless from the Big Show I knew it was a perfect combination. So my thanks go out to her.

HAIR: Viking by Tableau Vivant ~ Available at The Fantasy Collective
Beard: * SETH* beard/black by .:EMO-tions:.
TATTOO: Hex by Reckless ~ Available at The Big Show
Pose: The Hotties Male: Part 5 Westley by Exposer
Spear: Odins Spear by PFC


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