A vikings home

When I did ” A Vikings landing” I knew I wanted to come back and revisit Frogstar’s Sirgun’s Lodge and show you an inside view. While I might not be a Viking I think one would be at home here. I love both the textures and the Fire pit that sits in the center ( which is Mod so you can move it where you wish ). There is even a small loft overhead that has enough room for a bed.A Viking Home.1.final
I had also seen the Dʏsғᴜɴᴄᴛɪᴏɴᴀʟ Dᴇsɪɢɴs Viking set at The Tales Of Fantasy and made sure I went back and got it, because after a long Journey ( hell just looking at it made me hungry) a Viking needs his food.
ThenI suppose he needs a hot bath and a comfortable chair to sit in after to watch the flames in the fire and see where his next adventure might lead. PFC makes awesome furniture as well as weapons, armor. clothing and other Accessories and I knew that the Hot barrel bath and Hunters rest throne would fit the scene well, so off I went and gots me some new furnishing. Along with the PFC thingsI knew that I had the a i s l i n g animal rugs and torches. both of which finished the scene.
Frogstar – Sigrun’s Lodge (Materials) Available at TFC
PFC~Hot Barrel
PFC~Hunter’s rest
PFC~Iron Helm – horny ( Iron) , (Gold)
PFC~Torden sword and shield
PFC~Odin’s Spear
Other Spear swords and shield taken off NPC characters
[DDD] Viking Feast Set Available at TFC
[DDD] Firepit Cauldron
. a i s l i n g . Animal Rug,.a i s l i n g. Torch ( freebie’s in store)
EoD Hunting Lodge Decor Deer wall
EoD Deer Head ( actually a moose) ( group gift..older)


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