As we approach the 4th of july, days get hotter and I am once again reminded of my Pops and the cookouts we always had. No matter what squabbles were happening between the family we always came together for the 4th ( and all the other Holidays) bygones were just that..bygones and everyone talked and laughed.

We would, of course eat until we couldn’t stuff another piece of fish or hush puppy down. Alcohol was never allowed out of my father’s respect for us, and our respect of him. Getting together with family should never take alcohol in order to have fun. Some played horseshoes while other’s fished or went out back towards the point and shot off a few rounds.

When it got dark pops would light a fire and set off  a few fireworks for us kids ( and our kids when we got older ) and then we would sit and talk around the fire. My pops always had a story..always, and for 45 years I don’t think I heard the same one twice. He talked alot about his childhood and growing up on the farm. As hard as it seemed it must have been to live back then, there was always a twinkle in his eyes.
I suppose thats why he grew into the man I knew, loved and most of all respected.

The holidays are hard now without him. We have tried to continue in his footsteps..but it’s truely not the same, nor will it ever be. We eat..and then talk for a few, then it just goes silent. We are waiting for a story. Each of us try to say something..anything..but it always leads back to my pops. I know if he were around he would kick each and everyone of of us right square where the sun dont shine. But…..he….isn’t.

So This Holiday season no matter what little squabble you have going on with freinds or family, count your blessings and tell each and everyone of them how very important they are to you. Don’t waste a single minute.

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