The Music is in us

There are so many events open right now it’s kinda hard to chose which to hit first. Rhapsody is still going strong and OMGacha just opened along with what seems a million other events..all of which I just can’t live without.

I crawled out of bed and took a shower making sure to put my extra creamy conditioner in. ( Which I think is working wonders!) I swear it makes my hair grow 6 inches overnight.
The hair is from ~Tableau Vivant~ and I thought it would work well for what I had planned. I love the bohemian look of it and the rag adds that much more to it. The RO Amped earphones were actually the first set I had ever purchased here and they still hold court with the newer ones.

Looking thru my glasses I spotted another older item my Apple May broken nerds, which I’ve worn for different outfits and I can always count on them to bring a look together.
I had seen the DP – Koffin Nails on the OMGacha guide and knew I could use these as well. The Event was and still is Jammed packed so I headed to EPIC to see if I could hit a sale…it payed off. ( Thanks Scar )

Last, for the clothing, but certainly not least is my new FATEwear Jacket & shirt – Jeff which is a NEW RELEASE and has a wide array of colors to chose from. The Fatpack…oh the amazing. with it you have the option of 18, yes I said 18 different colors. A must have.


>>  Aeros Avatar Theo << Skin :: honey :: bodyhair
~Tableau Vivant~ Dreadlocks series – Monk Hair (M fit)
IKON Spectral Eyes (right) – Denim
Unorthodox Full beard
Apple May Designs – Broken Geek Glasses – Red *RARE*
RO – Amped Earphones
.:EMO-tions:. * SETH* beard/black
.. a i s l i n g . Simple Nosechain / Gold ( in store gift )
Slink Male Hands (AvEnhance) S L – Relax
DP – Koffin Nails – Slink Nails HUD – Equalize It 1
FATEwear Jacket – Jeff – (S)(Open)
FATEwear Jacket – Jeff Shirt – (S)(Open)
RO – Lucky Draw Belt – Stitched – XYZ

When I finally managed to get myself dressed ( what?!.. I am a man after all and most of us are comfortable in…well… wearing what the good lord gave us ) I headed out. I wanted to hit the Rhapsody event and pickup Frogstars set of Band Posters. I love her play on names of each and everyone of them and had to have them. After picking them up i wandered behind the stage and to my surprise there a ton of freebies! All of which were made by the one and only Anya Ohmai . With my cart and arms full, I headed home and opened all my new prizes and made ready for the shoot.
KaTink stage – Second Life Idol elvis ( Thanks Roxi for letting me use it!)
Frogstar – Band Poster (The Windows), (Firearms ‘N Floral Arrangements), (Alternating Current), (King). For Rhapsody 2014
Rhapsody’14 // Music Poster – Frogstar / Classic Rock (made by Anya Ohmai for Rhapsody 2014)
Rhapsody’14 Merchandise // Beer – Just Design (made by Anya Ohmai for Rhapsody 2014)
Rhapsody’14 Merchandise // Beer – Decoy (made by Anya Ohmai for Rhapsody 2014)
{anc} tuner. hermaphroditismchair / two 11Li ULTRA RARE
.:Standby Inc. – ATR (Antique) RARE
Hideki – DJ Booth RARE








3 thoughts on “The Music is in us

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  2. Just love the title of the blog Darth, and yay for jumping in the blogging pool! Great images and there’s some teeth in the writing! Always a plus 😀

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