Licking ass and taking names

dutchess final

I was on my sim today, just milling about trying to think of the next post here. I sat down on my chair and got comfortable and was almost dozing off. My eyes looking up at the clouds try to decide if that cloud..the one right there, looked like a octopus snatching a kitty cat chair ( thanks Roxi I’m now seeing octopuses where ever I go.)
It was then I saw it… The Ass Signal, a call to arms, my sl duty. Following the signal I arrived at Ippos ( Duchess Flux’s secret liar and home the her Blog) and was thrust into battle. This was no ordinary battle, what lay before us was a horde of NSP ( not so perfect ) asses. The battle was hard fought, we lost a few good asses, many I had trained and seen rise up in the ranks. They fought the good fight..and died an ass warrior. In the end ( no pun intended ) it was Duchess and I who came out on top and we each added another victory under out belt.

Duchess wears:
DRESS: Toga {black} by Go! ~ Available at We Love Roleplay
HAIR: Darienne Mesh Hair {seafoam} by Wasabi Pills
EARS: Elongated Puki Ear by the Skinnery
NECKLACE: Majestic Chain by May’s Soul
WRIST-ARM-LEG BRACERS: Mjolnir {gold/common} by Tia ~ Available at Era of Vikings
NECKLACE & RING: Mjolnir Necklace Ring {gold/Rare} by Tia ~ Available at Era of Vikings
HEADDRESS: Mjolnir Headdress {ultrarare} by Tia ~ Available at Era of Vikings
TATTOO: Norse War Painted Serpent by Little Pricks
EYE PAINT: Viking War Eyes by Little Pricks
SHEILD: Ragnar {bear} by HopScotch
FACE TATTOO: Warpaints Tribal 2 ~ Rare ~ Bite&Claw
POSE: Lifeguard (minor head edit) by Del May

Darth wears:
HAIR: Viking Hair {Gents/Winter} by Tableau Vivant
BEARD: Seth {beard/black} by EMO-tions
EARS: Simple Ears Hutuu by Mandala
EYES: Spectral Eyes {Industrial} by IKON
TATTOO: Hex {faded} by Reckless ~ Available at The Big Show
CHEST STRAP: Arden Chest Strap {brown/steel} by The Forge
SKIN: Avatar Theo {honey/body hair} by Aeros
POSE: Glance by Del May

I also brought along my viking ship: Skuldelev Ship (Sails) by The Forge
and my warriors: [HL] Skeletal Legion


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