Henry the 7 1/2th


My friend Danity knocked on my inbox as soon as I rezzed in this afternoon and asked if I had any Medieval clothing..I told her it was quite possible that I might. ( snickers ) I asked her what the theme was going to be and was told ” well…your going to get your bloody head cut off!” I Immediately zipped up and put several layers of duct tape on ( hey, duct tape fixes everything ) and put on my FATEplay Feredir outfit. ( which comes in a variety of colors and is stain resistant )

I tp’d her over and she set up the scene, rezzing a gallows , a couple of houses, a pig and an ass ( no not that ass). The stage set she pulled out the pose balls and I took a deep breath, said my last goodbyes and jumped on. To my surprise I was not the victim, but, instead I was holding the knife to her throat. We took a few shots and I thought it was over..it wasn’t.
I had wondered what the gallows were for and soon found myself hanging from them. I suppose turn about is fair play.
The whole thing reminded me of Henry the Viii and the way every bride met their maker. I think if he were alive today he would end just as I did..hung. The only time a man should hit a women is when he slapper her right on her….. thats the fun way.

Pose:  {.:exposeur:.} It ends Tonight

Knife: FATEplay  Props – Tools of the Trade

Danity wears:
Crown – Luas Elvira Golden
Dress – *{Junbug}* Cersei in Royal
Hair – /Wasabi Pills/ Andrea Mesh hair – Blacks
Blood Neck – /\/Cult of Belgar\/\ Slashed Neck


Darth wears:
>> Aeros Avatar Theo << Skin :: honey :: bodyhair
.:EMO-tions:.* LEGOLAN * HAIR-large black special
IKON Spectral Eyes – Industrial
Beard by Vika
Slink Male Hands (AvEnhance) S – Relax
FATEplay – Feredir – Forest (complete outfit )
[Forge]  Darkur Pauldron , ArmGuard, Chest Strap, Brown Leather
RO – Beorn Crown


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