The Hive

Todays post is a bit different. I have only used my BJD one other time, but wanted to use him here. I am admittedly a gacha addict and as soon as I saw the IceBee’s from { ANC } I knew I had to have them…and use them in a picture. I have always been amazed at the creativness of aki69 he has such a unique and powerful way of showing us a little bit of his world.

Icebee cropped

I knew what I wanted to do…ride one, but finding a pose to do so was going to be a challenge. It was then I thought of *FN* and her poses. I’ve used them before and remebered the poses she had for the waterhorse. So off I went and picked it up. Having my mount and the pose for it all I needed was the scene and what better than a feild of Deco sunflowers.

Pose: *FN* Into Battle (2 Person) Pose

{anc} ICEBEE collection Avalible at OMGacha
DECO– Sunflower

and my trusty PFC~Bone Spear

ps.. While I did play the machine…alot, I picked up the remainder of the Icebee’s at EPIC…that place never lets me down.


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