The Tinkers Cottage

May I have this dance I saw the dress from The Annex for the upcoming The Secret Affair and though I’m a man I love the work she did on these dresses. The texture work and shadows are great. I had to find a way to blog it. I thought about wearing it,,but made my hips look horrendous. I Knew what I wanted to do, I remembered the RO Dress form I got a few months back as a group gift and immediately went to work fitting the dress to it. ( I now know that needle play is a hard limit…those things hurt!) After hrs toiling with the dress ( bloody fingers and all) to make it look as perfect as when I pulled it out of the box it was finished, Part 1 complete. The next part was pretty easy. I had also remembered the mannequin Avi sold by Domineaux and hit the MP for it, Wala…done. The last piece I found on the MP as well. I was looking for a Woodworking shop and found the Gorgeous build by ~*GOD*’s…Simply one of the best skybox/ scenes I have ever seen. There is a picture at every angle and the detail and care taken on each Piece of it looks like it took yrs. If you have never Visited the store you owe yourself a visit, the whole sim is a work of art. My Plan Didn’t go exactly the way I wanted it to go ( couldn’t link the dress to the dress form) So I dragged Duchess away and she willingly ( OK she really didn’t want to take off her nails, hands, feet, hair, makeup,shape ) hopped right on board and helped. So, my thanks go out to her for putting up with the splinters that I know she bore while helping. Scene: ~*GOD*~ The Atelier- Dream Scene Skybox Worn on mannequin: ( A.K.A Duchess ) The Annex – Flirty Dress – Blue at The Secret Affair little bones. Baptism at The Secret Affair RO – Dress Form – Materials ( group gift ) Worn on mannequin: ( A.K.A Darth ) ~ TDE Mannequin M Cherry ~ .random.Matter. – Lordis Headband – Gold at The Secret Affair The Annex – Bracer – Suede – Brown at The Secret Affair


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