I woke up today feeling a bit older and a lot wiser. Yes..I’m
still wearing the Maxwell skin. I love how it looks and will wear it a lot in the upcoming days, weeks, months. Call me grandpa if ya will…but I’m still kick ass.
wisdom final

After some breakfast ( Coco Puffs rule! )…. What?! Just because I’m older doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy the finer things in life. I showered and went to my closet and picked out my finest big boy duds. FATEwear never lets me down and with the Norton suit at my disposal what can go wrong…nothing. Crisp as the day i bought it, no need for a dry cleaner and as always spot on textures, along with a HUD that comes with the fatpack that gives you a ton of choices from the shirt to the tie.
wisdom full final

Next was the shoes and of course once again the choice was easy.. L&B’s wingtips.. Amazing shoes that come with a equally amazing HUD that gives you plenty of choices, from the color of the shoes to the socks..yes..i said socks that come with the shoes…no more alpha hole where your socks should be. theres also an option to go sockless and the skin tones are easily adjusted. And then a sharp dressed man is nothing without showing a bit of gold wrapped around his finger..and I knew right where to get one. The Forge created G.O.T rings that are perfect for anytime, but with a suit…baam…the Starks shall live on!

{.:exposeur:.}The Hotties: Male Part 2 naith

> Aeros Avatar Maxwell << Skin :: irish creme :: bodyhair
Hair Cruz -Greying- *REDGRAVE*
IKON Spectral Eyes (right) – Denim
IKON Spectral Eyes (left) – Industrial
EMORTAL CONCEPTS~Scruffy Mutton Chops combo2 (chin cap stubble)
EMORTAL CONCEPTS~Scruffy Mutton Chops combo4 (muttons stubble)
Slink Male Hands (AvEnhance) S – Relax
FATEwear Suit – Norton (A) – Void
.:L&B:. “Dress Shoe” Wingtip Fatpack w/ HUD
The Forge]House Stark. (Gold/Black) L

[DDD] Elegant Victorian Fireplace – Preset – Dark
Dutchie side table, book with glasses, small study lamp, Schefflera tall
O.M.E.N – Whiskey & Cigar set
TA Travel Documents,Explorer Binoculars, Explorer Compass
*pm* Carnival Posters – The Orissa Twins – RARE
La Galleria Globe
The Domineaux Effect Stack O Books
Abiss Design Library Wall with ladders
~Libertine~ Green brocade rug, square small


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