A leap of faith

As I sit here in front of my computer typing away, I am trying to think of some way to connect my thoughts to the pictures below. And to connect with you, the one reading.
Taking a leap of faith was so easy when I was a child. Every tree I climbed and then jumped out of. Getting the swing to go so high I thought I was going to spin all the way around the top. The ramps I made out of old bricks and boards, each time daring to go higher and faster. Even if I failed the first time, I got up, dusted myself off, made sure I wasn’t bleeding to bad or had any broken bones, ( those i had plenty of) and would temp fate once more. There were so many things that I needed faith to do…yet..the thought never crossed my mind.
As I got older and discovered love and the opposite sex things got a bit more complicated. I had to have faith in myself and the one I was with. Everyone of them was ” my one true love” the one I would marry and have children with. Those were many, some lasted a week, some months, some a few yrs. But every time it didn’t work..my faith dwindled..it was harder to have. It gradually got worse as my life went on. From relationships to employment, to the world in general. I found out that every leap has it’s own consequence, some good, some bad. But having faith..taking that first step off of what seemed an impossible height, got harder and harder.
leap of faith.1
That was until my pops got sick. I saw this man do everything the Doctors told him he couldn’t. Even after his colostomy and needing to wear the bag the rest of his life..he never quit. He never quit going on those fishing trips, he never quit gardening, he…never quit. Faith means so many things to so many different people. My pops showed me that. His last few years were full of choices that demanded faith..and like I was when I was a child..my dad never gave it a second thought.

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