Big Johnson

Most folks don’t know that I was a carpenter of a bit over 12yrs until and accident forced me to find a …not so physical job. But during that time, and from time to time now I wear a utilikilt. It helped keep me cool during those hot summer months, when i was either framing a house..or putting the roof on it.
I had looked in SL for one a bit and finally found one I liked which was made by bastard. I got the fatpack..or course and have used it in some of my pictures, The textures and fit are very well done. I had also been looking for a sporran,but to my dismay  they were never available….until now. BP is releasing them and when I saw the preview I knew it was something I had to have. While I am wearing the ultra rare, the rares (4)  the commons (8)  are just as impressive.

Done with the main look I wanted something to finish it off. I had bought the FATEplay tools a while back and knew the pipe wrench from the collection, actually the whole collection is very detailed and as always FATE never fails. Now a fella can’t be out in the hot sun every day without some kinda hat on, again I dug thru my inventory where  I found the DECO ratty hats..by far my favorite ball cap to wear in sl. I knew as soon as I received the preview copy I was going to do a shot that had something to do with the trades. And we all know how the ladies need a good ” plumbing” job from time to time. Big Johnson is a RL T-Shirt maker and has this to say about Contractors ” Big Johnson get it up fast and finish big”. What woman wouldn’t  enjoy that.

>>  Aeros Avatar Maxwell <> Aeros Avatar Maxwell <> Aeros Avatar Maxwell << Beard :: white goat
Slink Male Hands (AvEnhance) S L – Closed
Slink Male Hands (AvEnhance) S L – Closed
IKON Spectral Eyes (left) – Industrial
IKON Spectral Eyes (right) – Denim
FATEplay Prop – Pipe Wrench (HD)(clean)
[BP] The Keeper ultra rare @ the upcoming FGC
bastard – utilitykilt Blackwatch SMALL
Yasum*MESH*Victory Boots*UNISEX*resizer*EPIC*
DECO – MESH Ratty Ballcap (black)


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