I don’t think this is good.

This Doesn't Look Good

When FATEplay released his new offering I knew what I wanted to do. They are freakin fantastic and fit very well. I didn’t even need to edit them after I was in poses, which is something to be said to the quality of work .
There is also a photo contest click Here for details
I also needed..well..other stuff to complete the scene so i turned to The Forge and Ispachi for the rest of the clothing, both do amazing work and I am glad to have gotten the pieces from the events they were in.
And one can’t make it in the wastelands without weapons. For that I turned to Zisp and the raygun and Z-day for the Axe, both are well done and can be used as props. The Zisp actually is pretty fun as there is a hud that allows you to see damage along with other functions if you happen to have a friend with one. It’s laser tag at its best!

Worn on Black:
>> Aeros Avatar Maxwell << Skin :: irish creme :: bodyhair
.:TWA:. Dirty Skin Whole LIGHT (tattoo layer)
Slink AvEnhance Hands Male – Relax
ISPACHI [Upheaval] Aries Helmet – Red
{anc} “lapin.wear / goggle.silver /RARE
FATEplay – James – Dark (Dirty) (S) available now in the mainstore and on the marketplace.
FATEplay – ArmPod – Original (Weathered) available now in the mainstore and on the marketplace.
[The Forge] Gorged Pauldron – Bronze
.:ZiSP:. * ZA-P9 ::
[Valiant] Lexington Boots
*Kc*T Parkour Vault

Worn on White:
>>  Aeros Avatar Theo << Skin :: honey :: bodyhair
~Tableau Vivant~Checker Hair – Gents fit – Solstice @ MixMatch
.:TWA:. Dirty Skin Whole LIGHT (tattoo layer)
[The Forge] Operator’s Headset, White. @ Project Limited
FATEplay – James – Light (Dirty)  available now in the mainstore and on the marketplace.
ISPACHI [Upheaval] Backpack
ISPACHI [Upheaval] Gloves – Male Relaxed
[Z-DAY] Legacy Zombie Hunter’s Axe
*Kc* T Basketball 1

Monster Slayer Deathclaw AV


3 thoughts on “I don’t think this is good.

  1. hehe, pretty much as Fallout is of which I am a huge fan. I guess you could tell because the suits and ray gun were in nod to the spirit of that game. The raiders look pretty badass and that deathclaw made me LOL. I like this very much. I wished Damien from Fatewear will eventually change a mind or two about kid sized one, if he made Mayor McCreedys styled outfit I would just be over the moon and back

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