A Sacred place

The Sacred Place.1

The FGC is coming soon and here I have a little peek at one of Sways items. The textures are really well done and there are some sits on just about everything.
In the first picture you also get a glimpse  of the 22769 collection..more on that later.

The Sacred Place.4The Sacred Place.2

Sway’s [Ren] Zen Garden @ The FGC Soon
Sway’s [Ren] Zen Garden . base RARE (c)
Sway’s [Ren] Zen Garden . bench (c)
Sway’s [Ren] Zen Garden . bridge (c)
Sway’s [Ren] Zen Garden . lantern (c)
Sway’s [Ren] Zen Garden . meditation stones (c)
Sway’s [Ren] Zen Garden . pile of stones (c)
Sway’s [Ren] Zen Garden . rake (c)
Sway’s [Ren] Zen Garden . single rock (c)
Sway’s [Ren] Zen Garden . wall (c)
Sway’s [Ren] Zen Garden . yoga sand waves (c)
Skye Tangled Cherry Arch
Skye Gnarled Cherry (base Hi LOD)

The Sacred Place.6The Sacred Place.5 The Sacred Place.3


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