A Geisha Home

The Littles

When I got the Annex Miniature teahouse set I knew what I was going to do with it. It is such a cute little set and amazingly done.  I made the collection its own little world, because thats what it deserves. I can see it on display in a home as well, but  i wanted to give these little geishas a world of their own. So I set to work on miniaturizing the Sways Zen Garden and the tree’s and rocks from Skye. I also included 2 Airships from the Rivendale collection. There are pirate versions along with viking of the set,,so make sure ya go check them out once the event starts!

The Littles.5

* Rivendale * Dragon Tuk Tuk @ FGC soon
* Rivendale * Dragon Rocket – Red @ FGC soon
The Annex Miniature Teahouse Set: @ FGC soon  (includes items below)
Teahouse Rare
Tea Table ( with floor chairs)
Tea Set
Tea Cup
Geisha 1-6
Sway’s [Ren] Zen Garden ( complete set Miniaturized) @ FGC soon
22769 ~ [bauwerk] The teahouse Torii @ FGC soon
Miniaturized versions of:
Skye Gnarled Mountain Cherry (Hi LOD)
Skye Rocky Outcrops

The Littles.3 The Littles.2

I had to give you pictures of each and everyone of these little geisha dolls…had to.

The Littles.11 The Littles.10 The Littles.9 The Littles.8 The Littles.7 The Littles.6


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