Our darkest hour

Darkest hr.1

Today I bring you my own little version of the 8f8 inside the story collection. I remember as a child my parents reading it to me, with me looking at the pages as they did. I was scared out of my mind, almost as scared as when told to finish my veggies.  In my mind the monsters became real, vivid and oh so terrifying. The words had little meaning as I was far to young to actually know what they meant.
Darkest hr.2
It wasn’t until 8f8 came out with the collection that I remembered the nights my parents would read it to me. me holding the flashlight so they could read. The story itself was a bit fuzzy in my head so I read it again online.. it was then that all the memories came back….and the lessons that go’s along with it. While there are many two seem to have stuck with me the most. The importance of family and the love for you thats there. And respecting those around you enough to be the person you really are..instead of trying to be what they want.
Darkest hr.3
There are a lot more lessons within the book and everyone takes their own out of it..yours might be different but in the end..the book is what it is..a wonderful story. I have been sick for a while now, almost 5 months and was finally able to have a Biopsy done of a mass that seems to be taking my body for one hell of a ride. laying there on the table, face down and exposed for all to see (I can still pretend to be a man around my children) there was nothing I could hide. I was there for what seemed hrs when it came to me what I was suppose to do with Ibi’s wonderful collection.
As I lay there I remembered it all, the way my Mom would read all the mushy parts, my Pops the scary / manly parts. The way my Mom would hold me closer as he read. the way my Pops would tussle my hair or tickle me…..the way they we’re there and letting me know that they always would be…….That day they we’re.
If ya haven’t read the book in a while, take the time to do so soon. the lessons are amazing. If ya haven’t seen the 8f8 collection, take the time to go see it at the Where The Wild Things Are event..the memories will come back.
8f8 inside the story ( complete collection) @ Where The Wild Things Are
Siden Scene 3 (hospital bed)
Siden Medical Mixing Cabinet
Siden Medical Draws (4)
Siden Roller overhang tray
Second Spaces – sick day pills, cough syrup
Skye Beach 1,2,3,4


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