Royals Room

royals room.1
We ❤ rp is in full effect now and Tia has created some amazing pieces for this round. First is the fireplace…its..just…simply gorgeous with amazing detail. It commands attention as soon as you walk into whatever room you deem it necessary for. Second is the bed..omg the bed..just look at it! and of course I bought the spicy one..and man can I tell’s spicy..spicy as only Tia can do it..Rawr! If ya haven’t had the chance to go..go now..throw away the bed you have and pick this one up…you’ll be happy…your significant other will be happy.

[Tia] Tree of knowledge fireplace @ We  RP
[Tia] The Jarls Bed – ADULT @ We  RP
[Tia] Throne of Odin – Side Table Left, right
[Tia] Heavy Melee Rearmer
:Enigma: Shield of Eloise Brass (Ultra Rare)
+Half-Deer+ Sleepy Italian Greyhound – Grey
[ a i s l i n g ] Animal rug DarkBrown, Fur Dark/Stripe, Fur Grey/Brown, Black (Gift)


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