Hello all, been a while..but..i have got a few posts to catch up on so here go’s. I was given this and at first wanted to do a whole big scene, piles of hay and fencing, a few animals strewn about..and of course a ship. But,,the more I looked at these pieces the more I just wanted to show case them. both are beautifully done. While I can see the house being used on a themed sim..The tower I can see in almost every them there is out there.
I need to keep it short and sweet as I can only be on so long due to what I am going thru. I seem to be loosing some concentration and motor skills..but..I have been away far to long for the commitments I have made and owe my sponsors any time that I can.

yesterday.2 yesterday.3

BananaN Ruined viking tower bloggers RARE @ FGC
BananaN Viking House RARE @ FGC


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