Argh matey!

argh matey!

:CP: & !bang – on a boat RARE @ the FGC
:CP: & !bang – crow’s nest RARE @ the FGC
:CP: & !bang – nessie RARE  @ the FGC
:Madness: Pillaged Fish Tank RARE @ the FGC
:Madness: Pillaged Sword Display @ the FGC
:Madness: Pillaged Lighthouse Lamp @ the FGC
:Madness: Pillage Octopus Coat Rack @ the FGC
-Pixicat- Captians/Crew/Parrot @ the FGC
Sway’s [Pirate] photo prop . rum barrel (rez) RARE @ the FGC
Sway’s [Pirate] photo prop . treasure chest (rez) RARE (c) @ the FGC

Worn on Rhenu:
Dress: Alchemy – Pirate Wench – Xsmall- Brown @ the FGC
Hair: ~Tableau Vivant~ Aidoru Series – Reita @ District 5
Sway’s [Pirate] photo prop . bandana R (add) (c) @ the FGC
Sway’s [Pirate] photo prop . spy glass L (add) (c) @ the FGC

Worn on Darth:
>>  Aeros Avatar Theo << Skin :: honey :: bodyhair
Slink AvEnhance Hands Male – Relax
Slink Male Feet (AvEnhance) M – Flat
~Tableau Vivant~ Aidoru Series – Reita – FP @ District 5
Yasum*MESH*Pirate Step*SLINK*EPIC* @ the FGC
Sway’s [Pirate] photo prop . parrot R (add) RARE (c) @ the FGC
Sway’s [Pirate] photo prop . speech bubble R (add) (c) @ the FGC
Sway’s [Pirate] photo prop . hat L (add) (c) @ the FGC
Sway’s [Pirate] photo prop . beard R (add) (c) @ the FGC
FATEwear Shirt – Gene – Scripted (UNTUCKED)(S)
FATEwear Shorts – Grayon – Scripted (S)


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