Hello all, Feeling well enough today for another post and  I wanted to show you a library I found at we ❤ RP. It’s made by Ravenghost and  i just have to say that it is really well done!. I caught a glimpse of his work in the last round of The Secret Affair and was really impressed. So imagine my surprise when I log in and find this at the we ❤ rp event today. The fireplace has poses in it as well as the rug you see placed in front of it. I love the detail of the wood grain in the library.. i just can’t say it enough. If ya haven’t been to the event yet there is still time to go and pick up this amazing set….what are ya waiting for…..go!

Ravenghost Library Book Shelf 1 @ we ❤ RP
Ravenghost Library Book Shelf 2 @ we ❤ RP
Ravenghost Library Fireplace @ we ❤ RP
Ravenghost Chained Candle Stand Silver & Iron @ we ❤ RP
Ravenghost Library Rug @ we ❤ RP
Dutchie Schefflera tall
Dutchie Philodendron tall
Dutchie side table
Dutchie book with glasses
Dutchie small study lamp
The Domineaux Effect Stack O Books


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