Hello all,
It has been a while but I am hopefully coming back slowly but surely after my surgery. Everyday I seem to be getting stronger and I am able to sit up at my monitor longer. I never knew how much I would miss the friends and community that I have grown to love and depend on. I now know. It’s weird to me the bond to this world that we all share, some call it an addiction..I call if my second family. More than anything else, being able to get back to my life here in the world we call SL is the driving force in my recovery and ongoing fight with cancer. I want to get better, not only for myself, but for those around me that make up my SL.

With the end of this round of the Arcade Looming around the corner I wanted to bring you one of my favorite collections from this round. I have had the pictures taken for a while, but couldn’t sit up long enough to edit them…today is the day though.

8F8 has once again out did himself with this collection, everything is zoo detailed. I took a lot more pictures than normal because of that fact alone. My favorite piece in the collection is the bike, the beyond spectacular.
mountain cafe 1.1mountain cafe.2mountain cafe table.1inside cafe counterinside cafe table.2inside cafe table 3cafe back