I want Candy!

Another day another blog..and man am  I happy to be kinda back! I wasn’t going to blog this until later in the month, but it’s to good to hold back any longer.
I remember as a kid walking about a mile every friday to a local gas station/ restaurant / general store. My grandmother would give us 50 cents every friday as allowance..and I knew right how to spend it! It was always be and my best friend, we would walk in and sit up and the counter, order a slice of apple pie and a soda pop..those were the days.
After finishing we would head thru the door back into the general store. There was every sort of candy a kid could imagine!.my favorites were Slo-pokes and a hershey”s bar.
Then we would head over to the comics and get our grubby little hands on the latest edition.
I can’t remember how many we had collected and taken to our hand made fortress of solitude, pieced together with bits of wood we had found in the neighborhood..it was heaven…and..all that candy for an even 50 cents! Finally candy!.2 When I saw The 8f8 Mange Destin collection at The Candy Fair, my mind went back to those simpler times..I remembered everything. Once again he did an outstanding job on something thats sure to bring back the same happy memories for you. So get on down to the fair and try your luck..ya just can’t go wrong.
I also couldn’t pass up Hideki’s offering for Chapter 4.His things are always so well done and..well out of the box. this collection as well brought back those childhood memories.
While I was taken back to that simpler time  I decided once again to dawn my doll and whats fast becoming one of my favorite collection’s from FATEwear. The jacket/hoody/Tee combo is freaking amazing!. I think by now we all know how  I feel about  his work..simply put..some of the best male clothing in SL.
The Argrace hat  I have had for a while and its my go to hair for the doll..both the hat and hair are done as only only they can do it. And what boy outfit would be complete without a pair of broken glasses! Finally Candy!.1
I included both picture’s ( yeah..I know they are the same..but.. I couldn’t make up my mind on which I liked better)
Frogstar – Apothecary Store ULTRARARE @ The Gathering
HIDEKI – Bear with Guitar @ Chapter4
12_8f8 – La Petite Joie Cafe – Hat Rack
[Con.] Candy Co. Cabinet – Mahogany
HIDEKI Comic Book Rack..Modded to get the comic out!
8f8 – Mange Destin @ The Candy Fair

*ARGRACE* Baseball cap2/Kyler B
(fd) BB Doll – Bandaid Wink
 Apple May Broken Nerd Glasses – Red
FATEwear Jacket – Connor Hoodie – Scripted (S)
FATEwear Jacket – Connor Tee – Scripted (S)


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