Get In There!

get in there!_005

Once again  I’m bringing you a few items from a few of my favorite creators. The first and foremost this time is PFC..what an amazing job she did for both The Secret Affair and Mystic Realms. I’m glad I waited to post this as it seems to all just fit together!. Don’t forget the Secret Affair  closes tomorrow so don’t miss your chance to get these Pauldrons! And and,,the freakin  mask from seven ravens is just plain awesome!. I’m also wearing Tableau Vivants newest offering for their reopening event..I love each and everyone of them so there is sure to be more blogs showing them  in the future..but..for today its the Defiler comes in an amazing array of new colors as well…go check it out!
get in there!.3 get in there!.2

PFC~Box o’ bones cage @ MRF
[we’re CLOSED] campfire
.aisling. 1st Anniversary Gift : Skulls Souvenirs

>> Aeros Avatar Theo << Skin :: honey :: bodyhair
~Tableau Vivant~ Defiler hair (M)
7mad;Ravens (pretty)Monster-Brown mask @ TTS
AMB Release Full tattoo @TTS
PFC~Raven Pauldron @ The Secret Affair
PFC~Forest’s scourge @ MRF
PFC~Fur gloves @ MRF
PFC~Furboots @ MRF
PFC~Trapped Soul – M @ MRF
PFC~Son of Odin kilt @ MRF


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