Remembering the days

Remembering the days
Grandma had waited years to hop back on her Motorcycle, she had to raise the kids…and then the grandkids. ( not to mention grandpa!) Back in her younger years she raced short track and was quite good, winning races from here to the regional in Abuquerque, ( back then the took a right turn, left was unheard of!)
Then she met the man that was meant to be husband, he was a tall lanky fellow nothing like her lovers before ( Elvis, James Brown, Jerry lee lewis) and actually liked getting freaky! looking back she remembers this one time..right in the center of the track unable to contain their lust she pulled over right there and…….oh..wait..this isn’t that kind of story!
Anyway as time went on her former life was forgotten and put on the back burner.…the husband is gone, the children raised and out of the house. She has had time to finally put the old bike back together with bits and pieces from the ones she had laying around, and a few spare parts from her last hip replacement.
Now its time to ride, ride like the wind! Hoping on it and starting it up she squealed a bit…not because of the fact that it actually started, but..the daym vibrations!……Now to go find Archie from the Arcade!

Ok..ok..enough about granny.
CON’s offering this round fits my sim to a T! everything is so well done..and..the rare Motorcycle..freakin amazing! I was so glad to get this early and its already set on my sim. I also snuck in the group gift from We’re Closed, I love everything that they release and sadly never give them much credit as they are mostly in the background, but.some of my favorite decor. I recently purchased some more items from the store…so..look for the posts!

[Con.] The Garage Collection @ The Arcade event
[we’re CLOSED] group gift december 2014 ( broken TV seat )

The Secret Store – Little Granny Avatar…go get yours today..yes..right now..Grannys shoo!


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