Snow Bound


Hello peeps,
Granny seems to be in the right spot at the right time lately doesn’t she! It doesn’t look like the train..or that nice young (fresh, fertile….Oh my granny…stop that!) Gentleman  aren’t going anywhere soon. She had been waiting for Archie, but…with the train as it will be no time soon. Perhaps the young man would like a warm place to stay for the night..and a taste of grannies famous pie?

Just a little something I threw together, I finally took the dive and bought another suit and its gorgeous. The lines and textures are well done and seem to flow very well in poses. It is a classic tweed suit ( every man needs one) so..I had the idea of mixing the old with the new. Im wearing the Tableu vivant Checker hair and I think it gives the whole look an edgier feel, combining with the piercings from pecca.


Pilot has once again released a christmas village that is available at the Arcade event so.. I enlarged the train station and the fire station ( used as a back ground filler) and found a few more things lying in my inventory.

Another Piece I want to point out…is the Ravenghost Gothic Chapel that is in the background on the hill….oh the detail that is in this piece. I tried many different ways of getting more of the details to show.. but..I will just have to do another post and let you see it up close and give you more details.

PILOT – Christmas Village 2 – Train Station @ Arcade Event
Snips & Snails / Dust Bunny . Sled / Coal RARE @  Arcade Event
.a. Zoe – Box @  Arcade Event
ISPACHI [CHERISHED MOMENTS] Snowy Owls @  Arcade Event
Santa Bear Arcade Christmas Gift 2014 @  Arcade Event
[Con.] Wanderlust Station Bench
Kalopsia – Train/Tank (Old Rust)
+ILO+ Express #275
And last…but not least is the Ravenghost Gothic Chapel…way up…on the hil….I snuck a little preview of this in..but..its to amazing not to do another blog post…soo…stay tuned Available  @ Winter Trends 2014

~Tableau Vivant~Checker Hair – Solstice
FATEwear Scarf – Harry – Desert
Kauna – XIV Tweed Suit: Overcheck Green
Karacter l Executive Glasses l GIFT

And of course:
The Secret Store – Little Granny Avatar –


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