Winter hut

Hideki winter.1
Hello once again folks, today  I am coming  from the frozen tundra!
I am so happy sl is climate controlled..even when there a snow storm its still 70 degrees!
I gave a little blurp last time about a designer  I have been collecting for a while and today  I am going to show you a bit more.
Hideki is another go to for me, has been for a while, yet  I try to keep my obsession to myself lol. It is all %100 percent robotic mesh…and the results are always fantastic and  low prim.
The detail work that go’s into each piece and the textures involved result  in few that others can compare with.It’s sometimes modern, sometimes retro, other times quirky…but always good.
I am bringing you pieces from 3 sets that are at events as we speak, plus one older item…. enjoy.

[Breno] Hilltop Cafe (v2)
HIDEKI – Winter Bench Rare @ Shiny Shabby
HIDEKI – Christmas Tree Rare @ Shiny Shabby
HIDEKI – Snowy Logs @ Shiny Shabby
HIDEKI – Sledge @ Shiny Shabby
HIDEKI – Snowballs @ Shiny Shabby
HIDEKI – Mail Box @ Shiny Shabby
HIDEKI – Festive Trees Decor @ Shiny Shabby
HIDEKI – Wooden Horns @ Shiny Shabby
HIDEKI – Winter Lanterns @ Shiny Shabby
HIDEKI – Birdhouses @ Shiny Shabby

HIDEKI – Wooden Candles @ The Chapter Four
HIDEKI – Stool with Blanket @ The Chapter Four
HIDEKI – Firewood @ The Chapter Four
HIDEKI – Draped Armchair @ The Chapter Four
HIDEKI – Draped Sofa @ The Chapter Four
HIDEKI – Coffee Table @ The Chapter Four
HIDEKI – Baking Table @ The Chapter Four
HIDEKI – Cup Shelf @ The Chapter Four

HIDEKI – Hanging Star – Beige @ The Arcade
HIDEKI – Hanging Star – Black @ The Arcade
HIDEKI – Hanging Star – Blue @ The Arcade
HIDEKI – Triangular Single Shelf @ The Arcade
HIDEKI – Winter forest Frame @ The Arcade
HIDEKI – Abstract Frame @ The Arcade
HIDEKI – Pines @ The Arcade
HIDEKI – Mini Tables @ The Arcade
_8f8 – Granny’s Winter Cottage – Fire Wood @ The Arcade
DRD snowman – gift for The Arcade

HIDEKI – Stars from Nov The Chapter Four ( In Store)

WOW!..I can’t believe you made it this far…( passes you a cookie!)


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