Hideki dreams

I think I have told everyone that I sorta have a Hideki obsession, well..now your going to see it. I have rezzed everything he has ever made for gacha’s and but it out on my sim for everyone. Please feel free to come and enjoy! I have also set out my extra’s I have collected along the way and set them out for sale. But the main point is…ya got to see this!

Hideki end  of days

I am breaking the pictures up into three posts as..well….theres a lot. But..without further adieu…..The first in the series..

Hideki dreams.1Hideki warehouse.1Hideki warehouse.5

Hideki warehouse.6Hideki warehouse.2Hideki warehouse.3Hideki warehouse 4

Hideki Warehouse.7Hideki warehouse 8Hideki warehouse.9
Its all Hideki!
and can be seen here.
Make sure ya use the Magic door to go outside and see the rest.


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