Grabbing a pet

The Pet.

Yes..its that time!. The secret affair is still going strong with two days left to get your things.
I put together another outfit and scene and hope you like it. Rhenu had went  and  gotten the TRIIN ruins from project limited and plopped them down for me.
Such an amazing little landscape item, if ya didn’t know TRIIN..well ya should. He has done a lot in world and rarely offers anything for sale its mainly custom work so make sure ya get this while you can.
I also made a trip to [HL] and the first thing  I saw was a gacha with Dragon pups, you know  I had to pull that a few times!..cute little things they are and very well done. Then I headed for what I had came for which was the Skeleton ghosts..another well made product…God I love this place.
OK..on to the clothing. The Fallen has released the Centurion out fit for the Secret Affair, ya know I had to pick it up, it is all one piece so theres plenty of room for other attachments to get your war on. The textures are well done and the whole thing seems to move great  when your walking. No clipping and very little texture stretching. A store  I will have to keep my eye on for sure. Zibiska also has something for the Secret Affair that being the Alfsigr Uomo necklace. of course it comes with a texture hud that lets you change the jewels and the color of the necklace itself. I rarely wear necklaces but this is well done and falls on the neck very well. last but not least is the ALEGRIA Valindra’s Crown, as you can see it fit over my hair decently after I adjusted it. I think the secret is the thickness of it. Most crowns are very thin and its hard to actually get them to work without stretching them to ungodly proportions, this was not the case bravo!

TRIIN_ruincastle_NIGHT @ Project Limited
[HL] Skeleton Ghost set
[HL] Dragon Pup2
>> Aeros Avatar Theo << Skin :: apricot ::
*ARGRACE* RYO – Ash Black
Slink AvEnhance Hands Male – Relax
ALEGRIA Valindra’s Crown Gold  @ TSA
The Fallen -Black Centurion- @ TSA
Zibska ~ Alfsigr Uomo @ TSA

Screenshot 2015-01-22 16.30.40




A friendly Visit


So, here I was making my rounds to all my customers and I had stopped for the night at Jordy’s place in Lost Town. I had peddled a few items and made a few bucks so I went down the street to see my favorite gal Muriel to surprise her with a trinket I had picked up a few towns back.
I had just gotten passed old Mr Cornbritches and was about to open the door when I heard this terrible noise and a weird looking light coming from the sky. OMG..My Muriel was in danger!
I swung open that door and saw her ” room” was a mess and that the back door was open. I ran out and saw those little creatures trying to kidnap my Muriel. I turned back around and ran for the barn to get something to swat’m with when I saw old man Cornbritches running straight at me, shotgun in hand. I thought for sure he had seen me but he hadn’t and started popping off shots at the fella’s trying to take my girl. I am pretty sure he got one of them…couldn’t really say for sure as I had holed up in the next ” room” with her sister Betsy. I must have been there for hrs trapped with her. It’s a shame I lost my Muriel…but…Hello there Betsy.

OK, on to business..almost, Jodry and  his friends  have set up a new sim and its marvelous, not only that but there is also a contest going until the 31st. Im going to link ya to both his flickr ( here) and give ya a LM to the sim ( here). Make sure ya read the NC and see if you can find the clue laying around..then you’ll get my little story.

FATEwear has released another item that being the Jordan Coat. Once again everything is spot on.. ya just can not go wrong with this guy..truely amazing. of course the FATEpack comes with a texture hud that offers hell of alot of options!
I am also wearing the [Deadwool] San Diego Glasses and [Deadwool] Bowler hat – brown both really well owe it to yourself to go pick these up!
And lastly My go to shoes the L&B “Dress Shoe” WingTips, Simply the best dress shoe on the grid and just about the only one that actually has socks that come attached so ya dont have hte empty void between your shoe and the pants.


>> Aeros Avatar Theo << Skin :: apricot :: bodyhair
*REDGRAVE* Hair Cruz -Greying Resized
Slink Male Hands (AvEnhance) S L – Relax
[Deadwool] San Diego Glasses – wood dark
[Deadwool] Bowler hat – brown
FATEwear Coat – Jordan – Scripted (S)
FATEwear Coat – Jordan Shirt – Scripted (S)
.:L&B:. “Dress Shoe” WingTip v3

Not my home

Time for another awesome outfit from The Secret Affair. This round is full of good stuffs even a few for the guys. PFC is rereleasing some of her earlier work and man..its quite the improvement!..Not only is it mesh also now comes with a texture changing hud. She is starting with the Acolyte outfit and the Iron Arms, I can’t wait until she releases more..I know my inventory will explode!.. I also dug out some other Items from the shop, being her Gauntlets, Edge of Despair and the Shi no Hana. Baam it all flows! Not my home.1
I am also wearing one of the masks from [ContraptioN]. The Mata Ketiga fits perfect under the hood and looks awesome!..there are two masks in the collection I am wearing the Mata without the headpiece attached. Ya really need to go check these out as all of them are perfectly done.. the one without the headpiece just works well for what I did here.
Last but not least is the RO Horns of Zolah – Dusk and again RO never disappoints. Each set comes with an optional ear guard but it wouldn’t work with my outfit. You have your choice of 2 different colors, Dusk ( what I am wearing) and a white set…go grab them!

>> Aeros Avatar Theo << Skin :: apricot :: bodyhair
PFC~Acolyte Hood, Kilt, Dye @ TSA
PFC~Iron arms Full sleeve, Pauldron @ TSA
PFC~Gauntlet (hand only)
PFC~Shi no Hana – sheath alternative
PFC~Edge of Despair [ContraptioN] Masks: Mata Ketiga *default B* @ TSA
RO – Horns of Zolah – Dusk @ TSA Screenshot 2015-01-22 16.30.40

The Bermuda Village

Finally..the Villa.1
So here I was trying to get things done, setting things up and placing them, building my scene as I always do. Yet..the SL Gods didn’t see it that way..I would place something and crash..all week.So this took longer than Roxi riding her favorite toy..longer than Jarath ” fixing” some hamsters..longer than Rhenu slurping up her morning ” Shake” ..Longer than Cinder……..In other words..I hated it. I had planned on setting all 3 floors up..I got to the second floor. Then..then began the nightmare of taking the shots…nothing was thing would rezz and something else in the picture would go into reload texture mode…
I’m blaming every daym woman I know on SL…one of you is to blame…daym it. I figured I could blend a few pictures together and I would have a decent shot, and the shots I need.. over 30 pictures later…well…this is the results.. I thought I had good enough shots of the inside of things..but..sadly..the Bermuda Village had its way..and I am not about to post something that isn’t displaying the quality and time put into an Item.
Finally the  village bikeThe Village Finally toy.1The Village Antiques.1
AF has released two amazing builds for TLC (The Carnaby Row Store and Portobello Corner Store) and..holy crap it takes building to a whole new level..the textures are amazing and they will be a good addition to any sim/ parcel. They are Mod and the Carnaby Row Store has texture changing front facia and brick work with 3 stories of space to fill…so get busy..ok..well buy them first lol.
He has Also released the Chelsea Townhouse For C88And it just falls right in the  same place as the others.. I can not  wait  until I can actually decorate this fully and show ya more!
I Also dug  out an older 8f8 collection. That being the Sweet Life Bakery set. I think it go’s along with the whole feel  of the builds and add the bit of atmosphere needed.
As far as the rest of the stuffs thats in the pictures..well..come see for yourself ( ya really need to, my pictures do the builds no justice) Here.

AF Carnaby Row Store,Portobello Corner Store @ TLC
AF Chelsea Townhouse @ C88
8f8 Sweet Life Bakery

The Den

The Secret affair opened with a bang..a big one. Lots of peeps running around like it was black friday…like a fat kid to cake…like a stripper to a dollar bill…like a….oh forget it ya get my point.
Today there is one thing ya really..really need to at least look at. ( you should really just buy it) and thats the Ravenghost Absinthe Experience Ensemble. It will take you back to another time Ibeit when it hit its peak in the 1890’s or when it became illegal and hit the seedy dark back room places.
I myself have never had the opportunity to partake. Lets not talk about all the other ” products” that I did when I was younger.
As soon as I saw it I knew what I was going to do..and here it is.

The Den.2

POST / Le Lotus Bleu_
Ravenghost Victorian Grand Hall Cabinet (Copy, Mod) @ The Secret Affair
Ravenghost Victorian Settle (Copy,Mod) The Secret Affair
Ravenghost Antique Absinthe Fountain The Secret Affair
[Fetch] Sylvia Curtain
POST: Mategot Kyoto Daybed
Life of Me – Granny’s Crapola Ashtray – Teal
::RA YA Design:: Drunk Girl 6 , Drunk Boy 1
Rhapsody’14 // Music Poster – Frogstar / Classic Rock ( gift)
Rhapsody’14 // Music Poster – +Half-Deer+ / Pop ( gift)
Frogstar – Band Poster (The Windows)



Hello all, hopefully this will be a short post..hopefully. I have managed to pic up a few things from The OMG event as well as The Seasons Story and Leaf on the Wind. lets go down the Gigantic list!
Oyasumi has released yet another fabulous collection, My Little Apt and its very well done..I always love his textures and all the details he puts into items. I also used a few more piece from different collections I have from the store, And if I have them..ya know they are good…so don’t miss out on your chance to get everything!
I will admit..I had never heard of the next is he on my radar now! Nomad released the Aviator collection..and wow. I am glad a friend talked me into playing as the event picture does it no justice. everything is very well done…but…the kicker is that the rare bomber..actually flys!..and even drops little bombs that tumble over the prim they land on before exploding….yes Exploding!…the same can be said of the planes on the mobile…freakin love it.
Dust bunny has also released something. The Dust Bunny Small spaces kitchen, I have been looking for a low prim kitchen set! love the set and the little details..once again..never a disappointment. The kitchen set is for sale straight out…the Appliances are in a gacha..go get them!
She also released an item for the Leaf on the Wind event…click here to find out more about it. She was one of the few peeps who actually gave %100 if the proceeds to help a good cause. ..opps..the items are the wall shelf and the little coffee pot /cups on the counter.

Flight test.1Flight test.2

Kitchen Scene:
oyasumi / my little apartment skybox / RARE  ( my little apartment) @ The Seasons Story
dust bunny . waffle maker . color change @ The Seasons Story
dust bunny . toaster oven . color change . RARE @ The Seasons Story
dust bunny . toaster . color change @ The Seasons Story
dust bunny . tea pot . color change @ The Seasons Story
dust bunny . mixer . color change . RARE @ The Seasons Story
dust bunny . grinder . color change @ The Seasons Story
dust bunny . coffee machine . color change @ The Seasons Story
dust bunny . blender . color change @The Seasons Story
oyasumi / folding table / RARE  (patio breakfast)
oyasumi / oyasumi flakes ( Tragic Breakfast)
oyasumi / oyasumi milk (without cereal) ( Tragic Breakfast)
oyasumi / breakfast plate  (patio breakfast)
oyasumi / coffee grinder (patio breakfast)
oyasumi / coffee maker (patio breakfast)
oyasumi / pepper grinder (patio breakfast)
oyasumi / mug / gradient (patio breakfast)
oyasumi / toast rack (patio breakfast)
HIDEKI – Memos @ OMG
HIDEKI – Bowl with Utensils @ OMG
dust bunny . amy’s cabinet @Leaf On The Wind
dust bunny . amy’s kettle @Leaf On The Wind
dust bunny . small spaces kitchen FULL SET @ The Seasons Story
*ionic* – The chef mice – @ The Seasons Story
*ionic* – Sam mice – @ The Seasons Story
[*Art Dummy!] nourish. (egg pan) ( retired store closed )
[*Art Dummy!] nourish. (bacon pan) ( retired store closed )
oyasumi / study chair ( my little apartment) @ The Seasons Story

Aviator Scene
oyasumi / my little apartment skybox / RARE @ The Seasons Story
oyasumi / oyasumi times ( Tragic Breakfast)
oyasumi / folding chair / RARE (patio breakfast)
oyasumi / metal cup / black (patio breakfast)
oyasumi / metal cup / silver (patio breakfast)
oyasumi / mug / white (patio breakfast)
NOMAD // 03 // Aviator Table Lamp @ OMG
NOMAD // 04 // Airplane Decor @ OMG
NOMAD // 05 // Aviator Armchair @ OMG
NOMAD // 06 // Propeller Table @ OMG
NOMAD // 07 // Airplane Mobile @ OMG
oyasumi / curvy storage / RARE ( my little apartment)  @ The Seasons Story
oyasumi / little globe ( my little apartment) @ The Seasons Story
oyasumi / mini drawer ( my little apartment) @ The Seasons Story
oyasumi / number one bowler ( my little apartment) @ The Seasons Story
oyasumi / slanted shelf ( my little apartment) @ The Seasons Story
oyasumi / blind shelf ( my little apartment) @ The Seasons Story
oyasumi / study desk ( my little apartment) @ The Seasons Story
oyasumi / study lamp ( my little apartment) @ The Seasons Story
oyasumi / tin can /w pens ( my little apartment) @ The Seasons Story
oyasumi / study chair ( my little apartment) @ The Seasons Story
oyasumi / stack of books ( my little apartment) @ The Seasons Story
Sari-Sari – Blanket Fort – Rugs @ The Seasons Story
Sari-Sari – Blanket Fort – Pillow and Blanket 2 @ The Seasons Story

The Photographer

Hello all, it’s about time I got off my Duff and did a post instead of just talking picture after picture and not doing anything with them…oopps.
The blog is actually two fold I’ll get to the second in a moment.

I originally had taken theses shots and was about to post when I heard of the tragedy in France. Even though I had never heard of the man I read up on him and his work a bit and was saddened even deeper. it must be a terrible loss for the people of France…weather you liked the man or one needs to die for their beliefs and the freedom of free speech / press. I retook took the last shot as a gratitude for what he stood for. AF happened to release a memorial plague and I used it in the picture you can go get your free copy Here.

Ok..on to the blog. Deadwool has released a series of English hats..and I love them the collection includes. Fedroa’s, Bowler hats and Flat caps all of them are really well done. I dug into my inventory and dug out a few more items i have collected from them and they are the Bowtie I am wearing along with the glasses.
I had also made a trip to TMD and spotted the coat combo I am wearing made by Gabriel. Now..I will be the first to admit that I normally do not like the releases by the store..but..the coat really caught my eye. I love that it’s a heavy coat..and well..daym theres more than a T-Shirt underneath…amazing isn’t it..finally. The textures are really well done and i comes with a texture hud for both the button up shirt under the sweater as well as the stole. There is also a variety of 5 colors for the jacket. ( each sold separately ) There are a few things about the jacket you should know..because unfortunately along with the good comes the bad. The inside plane of the jacket is untextured so.. you will see thru the cuff of the sleeves. There is also the problem of the’s a bit big in the knock so you will need to find an alpha that fits. ( but I am sure you have one) I used an alpha off my FATEwear suit and it seems to be a lot better. other than those two things the jacket is fantastic and I am sure I will be wearing it for days to come.

last but not least we have what actually brought me here. Kei-spot has released the Make Me Blush pose prop for the upcoming round of The Countdown Room.. It’s an amazing little prop with plenty of poses..some sexy..some silly..but none the less great. I actually had a lot of fun playing around on them. Make sure ya pick this one up!

photographer.2 Photographer.3

Trompe Loeil – The Chatham Loft Skybox Light
Kei’s Vintage Movie Shoot @ The Countdown Room
AF Vintage Camera w/ Tripod
AF Reflector Light
AF Marilyn Canvas ( Modded)
8f8 – La Petite Joie Cafe – Hat Rack
8f8 – La Petite Joie Cafe – Cane Stand
8f8 – La Petite Joie Cafe – Decorative Wall Clock
8f8 – La Petite Joie Cafe – Delivery Tricycle RARE
[Fetch] Sylvia Curtain
[Fetch] Sylvia Rug
[Fetch] Sylvia Vases
[LJ] Bronze Pantheon – Aphrodite
Dutchie Philodendron tall
oyasumi / kinky cross
oyasumi / windows & doors set / white ( Modded)

>> Aeros Avatar Theo <> Aeros Avatar Theo << Beard :: goatee :: all colors
Hairstyle CRUZ – Greying – REDGRAVE Resizer
IKON Spectral Eyes – Denim
Slink AvEnhance Hands Male – Relax
[Deadwool] Flat cap – black
[Deadwool] Boston brooch – dotted grey
[Deadwool] San Diego glasses – wood dark
::GB::Double long coat / Black set @ TMD
FATEwear Pants – Peter –
.:L&B:. “Dress Shoe” Wingtip