Not my home

Time for another awesome outfit from The Secret Affair. This round is full of good stuffs even a few for the guys. PFC is rereleasing some of her earlier work and man..its quite the improvement!..Not only is it mesh also now comes with a texture changing hud. She is starting with the Acolyte outfit and the Iron Arms, I can’t wait until she releases more..I know my inventory will explode!.. I also dug out some other Items from the shop, being her Gauntlets, Edge of Despair and the Shi no Hana. Baam it all flows! Not my home.1
I am also wearing one of the masks from [ContraptioN]. The Mata Ketiga fits perfect under the hood and looks awesome!..there are two masks in the collection I am wearing the Mata without the headpiece attached. Ya really need to go check these out as all of them are perfectly done.. the one without the headpiece just works well for what I did here.
Last but not least is the RO Horns of Zolah – Dusk and again RO never disappoints. Each set comes with an optional ear guard but it wouldn’t work with my outfit. You have your choice of 2 different colors, Dusk ( what I am wearing) and a white set…go grab them!

>> Aeros Avatar Theo << Skin :: apricot :: bodyhair
PFC~Acolyte Hood, Kilt, Dye @ TSA
PFC~Iron arms Full sleeve, Pauldron @ TSA
PFC~Gauntlet (hand only)
PFC~Shi no Hana – sheath alternative
PFC~Edge of Despair [ContraptioN] Masks: Mata Ketiga *default B* @ TSA
RO – Horns of Zolah – Dusk @ TSA Screenshot 2015-01-22 16.30.40


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