The Bermuda Village

Finally..the Villa.1
So here I was trying to get things done, setting things up and placing them, building my scene as I always do. Yet..the SL Gods didn’t see it that way..I would place something and crash..all week.So this took longer than Roxi riding her favorite toy..longer than Jarath ” fixing” some hamsters..longer than Rhenu slurping up her morning ” Shake” ..Longer than Cinder……..In other words..I hated it. I had planned on setting all 3 floors up..I got to the second floor. Then..then began the nightmare of taking the shots…nothing was thing would rezz and something else in the picture would go into reload texture mode…
I’m blaming every daym woman I know on SL…one of you is to blame…daym it. I figured I could blend a few pictures together and I would have a decent shot, and the shots I need.. over 30 pictures later…well…this is the results.. I thought I had good enough shots of the inside of things..but..sadly..the Bermuda Village had its way..and I am not about to post something that isn’t displaying the quality and time put into an Item.
Finally the  village bikeThe Village Finally toy.1The Village Antiques.1
AF has released two amazing builds for TLC (The Carnaby Row Store and Portobello Corner Store) and..holy crap it takes building to a whole new level..the textures are amazing and they will be a good addition to any sim/ parcel. They are Mod and the Carnaby Row Store has texture changing front facia and brick work with 3 stories of space to fill…so get busy..ok..well buy them first lol.
He has Also released the Chelsea Townhouse For C88And it just falls right in the  same place as the others.. I can not  wait  until I can actually decorate this fully and show ya more!
I Also dug  out an older 8f8 collection. That being the Sweet Life Bakery set. I think it go’s along with the whole feel  of the builds and add the bit of atmosphere needed.
As far as the rest of the stuffs thats in the pictures..well..come see for yourself ( ya really need to, my pictures do the builds no justice) Here.

AF Carnaby Row Store,Portobello Corner Store @ TLC
AF Chelsea Townhouse @ C88
8f8 Sweet Life Bakery


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