Grabbing a pet

The Pet.

Yes..its that time!. The secret affair is still going strong with two days left to get your things.
I put together another outfit and scene and hope you like it. Rhenu had went  and  gotten the TRIIN ruins from project limited and plopped them down for me.
Such an amazing little landscape item, if ya didn’t know TRIIN..well ya should. He has done a lot in world and rarely offers anything for sale its mainly custom work so make sure ya get this while you can.
I also made a trip to [HL] and the first thing  I saw was a gacha with Dragon pups, you know  I had to pull that a few times!..cute little things they are and very well done. Then I headed for what I had came for which was the Skeleton ghosts..another well made product…God I love this place.
OK..on to the clothing. The Fallen has released the Centurion out fit for the Secret Affair, ya know I had to pick it up, it is all one piece so theres plenty of room for other attachments to get your war on. The textures are well done and the whole thing seems to move great  when your walking. No clipping and very little texture stretching. A store  I will have to keep my eye on for sure. Zibiska also has something for the Secret Affair that being the Alfsigr Uomo necklace. of course it comes with a texture hud that lets you change the jewels and the color of the necklace itself. I rarely wear necklaces but this is well done and falls on the neck very well. last but not least is the ALEGRIA Valindra’s Crown, as you can see it fit over my hair decently after I adjusted it. I think the secret is the thickness of it. Most crowns are very thin and its hard to actually get them to work without stretching them to ungodly proportions, this was not the case bravo!

TRIIN_ruincastle_NIGHT @ Project Limited
[HL] Skeleton Ghost set
[HL] Dragon Pup2
>> Aeros Avatar Theo << Skin :: apricot ::
*ARGRACE* RYO – Ash Black
Slink AvEnhance Hands Male – Relax
ALEGRIA Valindra’s Crown Gold  @ TSA
The Fallen -Black Centurion- @ TSA
Zibska ~ Alfsigr Uomo @ TSA

Screenshot 2015-01-22 16.30.40




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