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Today marks the second day of faMESHed, I think lol. Man do I have some goodies  for you, not only 8f8’s offering  for faMESHed, but an upcoming event that Ravenghost is taking part of. If ya haven’t heard of him..shame on you! get off your butt and take a trip down to his humble shop..its very much worth it!.
First..8f8 ( sighs) I just cannot express how much joy I get getting the bounty of his creations and this round..oh my its a bounty! The  Indoor DIY Spring sets in NATURAL and COLORS is beyond impressive not only do ya get some of the best made mesh in all of sl..ya get this. 289 possible texture combinations on the pillows, mattress and blankets…yes..two hundred and freakin eighty nine glorious combo options. I don’t  think I need to say more..but  I will…. 289 freakin combos..wth!
Now for the second little treat. ( not getting bare assed) in the form of  tada! The Ravenghost wishing tree..freakin amazing..and while primarily made to be an indoor decoration I get the feeling it would do wonderful perched against an exterior  wall or cliff formation and again …theres a surprise..the Hud is amazing…not only can you change the texture of the bark and leaves  it also allows you to have falling leaves  and I here that it also strips the flesh from your enemies!..ok..I might have made the last part up. There are so many options…well..I kinda forgot them all ( Bad Darth!)
Then there’s Dust bunny and her Old Fashion Winter collection..and while it may be to late to get it at the event you can now go straight to the main store and get them ( God I hope I am not lying)  I can not speak for anyone else…but this man loves ..and also repurposed items. I think its the hillbilly  in me..or  I’m just a cheap bastid! Either way ya owe it to yourself to go  pull a couple times. Very well crafted with attention to sayith the Darth man.
Last is..or was a surprise the Floorplan coat rack..I have no idea how I missed this at the last Arcade..but  I did. I am glad I found  it second hand..cuz…daym..its nicely done. Again..ya owe it to yourself to go trey your  luck and hopefully pull this.. The whole collection is nice but the coat rack floats my boat!

[DDD] Country Stable
8f8 – Indoor DIY Spring BED – NATURAL @ faMESHed 
8f8 – Indoor DIY Spring CANS Set – NATURAL @ faMESHed 
8f8 – Indoor DIY Spring BOXES Set – NATURAL @ faMESHed 
8f8 – Indoor DIY Spring LAMPS Set – NATURAL @ faMESHed 
8f8 – Indoor DIY Spring PICTURE CLIPS Set – NATURAL @ faMESHed 
Ravenghost Wishing Tree *3D Wall Decor* For Info please go to his Mainstore
dust bunny . vintage frames
dust bunny. traveler’s table
dust bunny . lumberjack’s axe
dust bunny . engineer’s lamp
dust bunny . braided rug
dust bunny . researcher’s chair
floorplan. coat rack






7 thoughts on “Barn Find

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  2. Looove the lighting….but ya know, you’d have to work hard to make anything from 8f8 or dust bunny look bad! And dude!!! I just used that very same tree from Raven for a picture, it’s beyond awesome ❤

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