The Great Toy Robbery

The great toy robbery.1

Hello again!
Today  I am bringing you a  new item by FATEwear, and  some  old ones. He recently released the Belfort coat to my delight. I love wearing his things and they do nothing but  keep getting better. The jacket is worn over a vest, shirt and tie. or you can wear  it as a single  piece…but…really..why would ya. The FATEpack once again comes with a hud with a plethora of  texture  options to fit your every desire. I dug out  my Eddie  pants for the occasion. my go to dress pants..but  i could see this worn with other  nice slacks. The cloves..well..they are fate so I  needn’t say  more. I am also wearing the [Deadwool] Fedora hat..cuz..I can daym it!. I am so glad someone finally  made a decent hat! Last  but  not  least  is the Street Life: Sawn Off Shotgun . I freakin love this gun!

I immediately thought  of Jordys sim as it has  a bank..of sorts. But..then  I saw that the toy shop was unguarded and  mine for the taking! If you haven’t  been to the sim you owe  it to yourself to go take  a look.

Taken at Square pegs in round holes ( here)

FATEwear Coat – Belfort – Scripted (S)
FATEwear Pants – Eddie – (S)
FATEwear Glove – Dexter – Volcano
[Deadwool] Fedora hat – red
Street Life: Sawn Off Shotgun





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