A stop along the road

end of the road_001

I remember as a kid going on road trips/ vacations with my family, we would go down south every year to visit my grandparents. Dad would pack up the camper and hook it to his station wagon and off we would go.

end of the road_007
Con has released his Open Road Collection for the Arcade and it has brought back all those memories. theres so much to say about this collection. The trailer is amazingly done and even comes with a special hud so ya don’t feel as cramped inside it. The blankets on the bed offers a texture change, the shower turns on, curtain of it opens. There is also a canopy that slides out…just very well thought about and done. Next is the trivia machines…if ya wanna find out how much you Didn’t know about route 66 or American history all ya have to do is click the machine and you’ll find out soon enough! last but not least is the bag game. Touching it hands you a bag to throw at the board in hopes of getting that square bag thru a round hole..and daym is it hard. ( even though cinder made it look easy). ya owe it to yourself to go pull that machine!

bobblehead_003end of the road_008

All pieces from the [Con.] Open Road Collection @ The Arcade
Campfire ( Group gift)


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