Making camp


[Con.] once again has out done himself, I cannot tell you the size  of the grin that was on my face the minute I saw this! I have  no idea how  he does what he does..but..daym. It comes in a PG and adult version a rezzer for Ivy on it and has a ton of sits and  animations. I love , love,  love panel trucks so I know this will be  on the sim for a bit..until he releases a full scale version of a panel truck….Hurry!

[Con.] Bluebird Cuddle Van @ Collab88
[Con.] Bluebird Star Campfire @ Collab88
[Con.] Open Road Collection – Flamingo @ The Arcade
[Con.] Open Road Collection – Lawn Chair – purple @ The Arcade
[Con.] Open Road Collection – Lawn Chair – Yellow @ The Arcade
+CONVAIR+ Outboard Motor teal RARE
The Domineaux Effect Logs and Axe_Mesh
Skye The Willow Pond
Skye Wild Grass Type 6 olive



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