Wanna Play?

Wanna Play

It started  long  ago, before  you  or I were  ever on this  earth and  it will continue  long after we are  gone. For  you see  my  unfortunate friend we are descendants of  five very evil little  girls. Long ago in Salem these five  girls accused a pastors wife  of  witch craft.  They were  not to be believed  at  first but then thru the  series  of ” tests” and  falsehoods the  woman was  found  guilty and  burned at the stake. Evil  was a afoot indeed in the  home  of the  pastor…but  it was  not  his  wife..it was  her sister.

The day the  burning  took  place  she was among the crowd..watching. She watched  in horror  as  her sister  pleaded  for  help…she also watched as  the  five  girls  snickered and sneered. Slipping  quietly behind them she  plucked a  hair from each and  tucked  it  into her  pocket…then silently  slipped away.

When  she  returned  home she  hatefully  went into her  sisters  bedroom and  collected five dolls from  her  sisters doll cabinet and placed a  hair  of each girl  into them. legend  says that through the  dark arts  she  cursed  each doll to  seek out and take  revenge  upon the  first  born of  each girls  family for  eternity. And so it has  been  for generations each August 1st you  can  hear the  screams of their victims. Now you  might ask ” why  is  there  only four  dolls  in the  picture?” Well..have you  checked  your  doll collection  lately?

Today I am bringing  you  something  both  creepy  and  cute  at the same  time..how odd is that?! When Keiko asked  me  if  I would  blog  her  doll house  collection I  of  course said yes and  rezzed  it as soon as  she  passed  it  to  me.  Now..I am  not  one  for a lot  of cutesy..but..this  house..hell the entire  collection  is  very well made and  thought  about. The  whole  thing  is  pretty  interactive  and  even  plays  music  from the  piano.

Now..Remember what I said about  cutesy?..well that  would  mean  that somehow  in  my  twisted  little  brain I  knew  exactly what  I was  going to do with it..turn  it  into creepy. What  collection spells creepy  now-a-days…oh yeah RO’s  The Doll Maker. These things  take  creepy  to the  next  level. Like Jason did  to horror  movies, Jordon did  to  basketball and Bill Cosby did  for  Unisom. fantastically  made..and..omg the  heads  follow  your  every move …your every move…your  every  move.
Moving on I added  the Nomad Fortune Teller..it’s  creepy  in  its  own right  and beautifully  made ( though  I think the  fortune  has already been told  here). I  had to  top it  off  of  course  by  adding a  virtual cherry, that being the  equally creepy DRD Hanging bodies. beautifully  done  and an inspiration to  all young  girls  out there.

Kei’s Dollhouse Gacha complete @ The Gacha Garden August 1st ( web)
Kei’s Dollhouse Music Room ( Seed of Inspiration prize) @ The Gacha Garden August 1st ( web)
Kei’s Dollhouse Stool @ The Gacha Garden August 1st ( web)
NOMAD // Fortune Teller
RO – The Doll Maker – Cabinet RARE
RO – The Doll Maker – Pram RARE
RO – The Doll Maker – Evil Lynn Doll
RO – The Doll Maker – Debbie Downer Doll
DRD Hanging bodies wall decor ( special prize enchanted August 2014





There  I was  minding  my  own  business when  once again Roxi  Im’s  me and  sends a  gyazo..then asks ”  what  does  this  picture  need” I said ” hmm don’t  know” and  she  said ” well the  Kilt and PFC  helmet  are the  only  things  I didn’t  blog.”  I  told  her “thats  because  it was a  mens  item and  that  I had  blogged  it”…then I waited. Well  as  you  can  see the  puppy  face  worked  once again..but I had  one  stipulation… I was  bringing  my  goat!( She  never  lets  me bring  him)  Theres  so  many  pictures  that  ya  just  need a  goat!  Just  look at this  one, a  goat would  have  been  perfect. The Secret Affair Ends  tonight at midnight SLT so  make  sure to go  if  you  haven’t  been there to get what ya  need… oh…and  bring a freakin goat.

DRD Roman chariot (Battlefield) PG @ The Secret Affair

>> Aeros Avatar Theo <<
Unorthodox Full beard (Facia Hair)
.Reckless. – Hex
Slink AvEnhance Hands, Feet Male – Relax
PFC~Hydra @ The Secret Affair
:Enigma: Ragnar Kilt/ belt @ The Secret Affair
22769 ~ [accessories] Homme Gladiators Used Leather @ The Secret Affair

[INK] Hair___WHO1 ::Roots
Ariskea [Field] Pansy Headband [Cashemire] @ Shiny Shabby
Cellar Door Roman Tunic @ The Secret Affair
Cellar Door leg coverings @ The Secret Affair
Cellar Door Roman Cuffs Gold @ The Secret Affair
White Widow Kundun tattoo
Del May Kiss My Hand pose (slightly modified for pointing :))

TSA Logo



Ok folks, today  it’s  all about the  cars. [SURPLUS MOTORS] recently  put the 1960 Impala Red on her MM board and  I  knew  I  had to have  it, blog  it. Now I got there a  bit  late, saw the  notice  yet  didn’t go  for  the first  week… big  mistake!  I took  me  3  days, shouting  out  in groups I am  in and  a  bit  of  social media  to finally  get  it…but  man  is  it  worth  it. The  car is simply  gorgeous and  even  has  backseat poses  so you  can  fit your  entire  family ( and a  trunk big  enough  for the  mother in-law ). It  is  also for  sale  for a  pittance..so ya  have  no excuse. Now  I  needed cars  to go along with it and  remembered a couple that I  had, so out they  came wings and  all. The ICONIC [Palonic] is another  fabulous machine. I  love the  paint job and as  an extra  bonus..this  one  is  riding  on airbags and  comes with a hud  so you  can  lower  your  ride  accordingly..woots!  The BZ MotorsEldorado Biarritz convertible 1959 I have  already featured  here and  is also  pretty  daym  fantastic.

Now I  had to make the  rest  of the scene and that was a  no brainer I drug  out  my ~Dirty Rat~Diner and Gas Station. I  know these are  older  items..but  they are still  amazing and  fit  my  motif very well. Remember  in yesterdays  posts  when  I said I was dying to use the Oyasumi Telephone  poles..well I used them again because  daym they are  good.  Also in the  picture  is  my  new  favorite  landscape creator Little branch.

I  was trying to get this  post  done  before  The Secret Affair  closed  but  Roxi   needed  my ass.. literally, you  can see what  I  am  talking  about  by  visiting  her  blog. Man  she  sucks  me  into doing everything  for  her!

Now the scene  was set I  wasn’t  going to pose  in it..but thought  it would be nice  to  show  some  interaction with the car beings  how  I Fapped  over  it. Now  my  plan was to have  myself and  Sorchiee ( thank you  for  being  my  meat  puppet) leaning  against  it having a chat. But there  was  no way I  was  putting  my  dirty ass on the  car  ruining the  new  paint..and there was  no way  Sorchiee was  leaning  on the  dirty  car and   ruining  her  new  ass..erm.. I  mean  pants.

~Dirty Rat~Diner
~Dirty Rat~Gas Station
The Hive – Old Water Tower
oyasumi / telephone pole / wood / cable
LB_PonyPalmv1 ( store coming soon)
LB_PonyPalmv1.2 ( store coming soon)
LB_PonyPalmv1.3 ( store coming soon)
[SURPLUS MOTORS] 1960 Impala Red v7.1 ( Midnight Madness )
ICONIC [Palonic] V1.1
BZ MotorsEldorado Biarritz convertible 1959 White


City Streets

street  life.1

Hello all! It’s a wonderful day  in the city, the street are  full and theres action everywhere  at Uber. [Con.] has released The  Checkered Cab Seat for the event it  comes  in 3 colors, the  yellow  I chose then  Mint and Red. I knew as soon as I got  my  box what I was  going to do with  it. I  had  to  make a city scene. I also remembered  I had the Bluebird Cuddle Van from a  bit ago and had to include  it. I can’t  believe the detail  put  into these things..I soo want him to do a  complete  car lol. Now..let  me think..who to make a city  scene  with…oh  yeah Apple Fall! The Apple Fall Metro / Traveling Urban Photographer is  freakin gorgeous, well textured and well… Apple Fall. For  filler (  and  who doesn’t  like filler? ( A  hamburger  wouldn’t  be the same  without  it) I  used  a  few  more  pieces  from [Con.] that were  park of  his  recent  Arcade collection,, both  really  fit the scene well.  Lastly  I  had to also throw  in the Oyasumi  Telephone  pole.. I have  been  dying to use  it and  finally  got my  chance.. Thee  best Poles  in SL hands  down.

[Con.] Checkered Cab Seat – A @ Uber
[Con.] Bluebird Cuddle Van
[Con.] Summer in the Park – Pigeon Lady ( retired)
[Con.] Summer in the Park – Liberty Torch ( retired)
Apple Fall: Carnaby Row Store
Apple Fall Metro Entrance
Apple Fall Rotating Billboard
Apple Fall Martins’ Busker Guitar
Apple Fall Nardyas’ Tulips in Mason Jar
Apple Fall Photographers’ Easel
oyasumi / telephone pole / wood / cable


The Tasting

The tasting.1

Shiny Shabby  just  keeps  giving  and  giving, I cannot  believe  how good this  round  is! I decided to feature  [ kunst ] – The Vineyard from the event..it’s  simply amazing. rich textures and  amazing details  go into every item he creates and you  can  tell it even  more so in this  collection…God I  love  it. when I was setting  up the shot I wasn’t  for  sure what  I was  going to use  with it..then  it  hit  me. I was  going to go back  to my  roots and  use…who else?..8f8. Another  one  of  my favorite  creators ( well  duh!) I decided to make a courtyard using  pieces  of  his primavera in Toscana collection. It  matches wonderfully and as  always  the items  are  impeccably made. To bring  it all together I  had  to use Apple Fall. Rarely  do you  see an elite designer care  so much about  his consumers ( but..I suppose  thats how  he  got there to begin with). He  recently added the Flagstones as a  gift and I cannot say  enough  about them! There  is  so much  on  his  new sim  one  could  spend all day there, items  for sale as well as a  plethora of  freebies. To give the picture a bit  of  depth I also added  his Carnaby Row Store and Chelsea Townhouse, each are just  simply  beyond belief. I  use them constantly  when I design  sims for  my  friends. they  not  only  work  well for a city scape  but  also work  in a country small town setting..you  just  can’t  go wrong  here  peeps.

So do yourself a favor, visit  shiny shabby, explore Apples  new sim and the  world  he  is creating there and as always plant yourself  on ibi’s  sim and  immerse yourself  in his wonderful creations.

.01 [ kunst ] – Wine bottles & glasses wall rack RARE @ Shiny Shabby
.02 [ kunst ] – Wine bottles wall rack RARE @ Shiny Shabby
.03 [ kunst ] – Barrel wall table RARE @ Shiny Shabby
.04 [ kunst ] – Wine barrel cabinet RARE @ Shiny Shabby
.05 [ kunst ] – Wine barrel @ Shiny Shabby
.06 [ kunst ] – Barrel table @ Shiny Shabby
.07 [ kunst ] – Wall deco @ Shiny Shabby
.08 [ kunst ] – Wall bottle candle holder @ Shiny Shabby
.09 [ kunst ] – Wall bottle & daisies @ Shiny Shabby
.10 [ kunst ] – Barrel stool (a) @ Shiny Shabby
.11 [ kunst ] – Barrel stool (b) @ Shiny Shabby
.12 [ kunst ] – Wine bottle & glasses holder @ Shiny Shabby
.13 [ kunst ] – Wine glass,Wine glass 1,Wine glassess @ Shiny Shabby
.14 [ kunst ] – Cabernet bottle,Chablis bottle, Cheverny bottle @ Shiny Shabby
.15 [ kunst ] – Wine bottles x3 @ Shiny Shabby
04 – 8f8 – primavera in Toscana Courtyard Portal
04 – 8f8 – primavera in Toscana Courtyard Portal ( modded)
06 – 8f8 – primavera in Toscana Courtyard Wall
09 – 8f8 – primavera in Toscana Wall Grapevine Left, Right
11 – 8f8 – primavera in Toscana Bucket of Roses
16 – 8f8 – Green Grocers – Pole Lights
Apple Fall Flagstones (Free gift)
AF Artichoke Statue
Apple Fall: Carnaby Row Store
Apple Fall: Chelsea Townhouse
T-Spot Wall Fern No. 1 – Maidenhair – ( marketplace)
Botanical – Posed Wooden Cart (Tuscany)
Botanical – Mesh Mediterranean Cypress


Born On The Bayou

beach day.1

Another scene  brought  to you  by Shiny Shabby and The Wayward Carnival! I am  dying  for a lot  of things, but right I am  relying on  people  to  rezz things  for  me. Thank  you  Cinder  for  helping  me  out with this  one! As soon as  I  saw  the  shack from soy  I  knew  what  I wanted to do..not a woodsy thing  but a bayou / coastal scene, so here  ya  go. There’s  to many things for  me  to  go thru  each, but..you should  know  me  by  now..if  its  not  fantastic..its  not  on  my  blog. and..for  your  listening  pleasure CCR Born On The Bayou

Soy. Rustic Shack @ Shiny Shabby
Soy. Corn Broom @ Shiny Shabby
Soy. Metal Arm Chair [Silver] @ Shiny Shabby
Soy. Metal Arm Chair [Navy] @ Shiny Shabby
Soy. Metal 3legged Table [Silver] @ Shiny Shabby
Soy. Enamel Ware Cup [Tree] @ Shiny Shabby
Soy. Enamel Ware Cup [Flower @ Shiny Shabby
Soy. Enamel Ware Pot [Flower] @ Shiny Shabby
Soy. Firewood @ Shiny Shabby
Soy. Oil Lantern [Black] @ Shiny Shabby
Apt B // Farm Living Burlap Bag @ Shiny Shabby
Apt B // Farm Living Old Washboards @ Shiny Shabby
NOMAD // Industrial Bathtub .001 (No Lights) @ The Wayward Carnival
LB_CatTail{Cluster}*1Li @ The Wayward Carnival
LB_BanyanTree-v1.1 @ The Wayward Carnival
Soy. Hot Air Balloon [Anim only] or/vt @ The Wayward Carnival
Soy. Hot Air Balloon [Miniature] wt/rd @ The Wayward Carnival
Soy. Hot Air Balloon [Miniature] gn/oc @ The Wayward Carnival
8f8 – Driftwood FENCE
8f8 – Driftwood TOWEL Stand
PILOT – Water Hose
PILOT – Haywood Pipe Shelf
junk. old car door. blue.
[Con.] The Garage Collection – Propane Tank
The Hive – Old Water Tower
.:: Dark Forge ::. Medieval Toilet
Skye Tree Fern (1li linked twins)
Skye Zingiberaceae
Skye Twin Palm 2
Skye Triple Palm Tall
Skye Twin Palm 3 Tall

Barn Find

barn Find .1

I  had this  shot  set up  with a  full garage. All sorts  of things  in it to give the  ” barn find” effect, took around  20 shots and then zoomed  in for a close  up  and  realized  something..I  didn’t  need  all the  flash. I  took everything  out and  stuck to what I really  wanted to  show.
The Bolson Sagmeister tattoo is  simply  amazing. Its  unisex and also comes  in two forms one  for  peeps  that are still using an SL  avi body and  one with appliers  for  all the  mesh  bodies.  I think there has  only  been a few  times when   I  just  had to get a tattoo in a shot close enough   to see the  detail, and  this  is  one  of them.
I also wanted  to share  with you a  group gift thats available at  [SURPLUS MOTORS]. If  you  don’t  know  who  and what this  represents ima slap you. The  car was  made  famous  by James  Dean and  is  one  of the  most iconic  cars  in  history.  I did  take the  liberty to add a  bit  of  dirt   into the  picture, after  all it’s a  barn  find.  The  car in  itself  is  fantastic and  I am  always  happy  when I get the  notice that  they have  released another  car, weather  it  be a group gift  or  not. I can’t  wait to get this  beauty  out  of the  mess  it’s  in  now  and roar  down the  road.

POST: Hurley Rural Garage
oyasumi / ladder light (dark) / unplugged
[SURPLUS MOTORS] 550 Group Gift

>> Aeros Avatar Theo <<
Slink AvEnhance Hands Male – Relax
*ARGRACE* Bucket hat / KAI – Blacks * The Hair Fair
RO – Talamasca Frames – Group Gift
Unorthodox Full beard (Facia Hair)
*Bolson / Tattoo Essential Pack – Sagmeister @ Shiny Shabby
L&B S’Wear Mesh (M) Zip Leather Pants – Plain Black
HUDSON’s SRH5 Gift (Wear & Touch Me) Snake Charmer Jewel Set




Ok..now  I  know this  is a  hard thing to believe, but  I actually  got dressed today! I  found this awesome Vest  at Shiny Shabby and  just  had to share  it.  The ::K:: Villa Vest is  fit  mesh so make  sure  you  try  on the  demo first, but  it  fit  me  perfect and  also fits  most  of  my  jeans under .  theres a selection  of  6  different  vests to choose  from and  each gives you a hud  that  hs  a texture  hud  so you  can change  the  shirt color. It’s  very well done (  or i would not  have bought  it  and blogged  it) so make  sure you  do yourself or your  hubby a favor  and  go pick one  up. oh..i forgot to mention that there  is a lades  version…duh. I  had also been told  by a friend about a store  I  had never  heard  of that  being no.match. Why, why haven’t  I heard  of this!   I went  to the  store and tried  on a few  demos, the  hair  is amazing and  is right  on  par  with  most  of the  designers we all know  and  love.  The  color  palette and textures are  very well done and theres  even a  bit  of  unkept  hair..love  it..you’ll be  seeing a lot  of this one  just wait  and  see.  I also slipped  on a designer that I have  blogged and fapped  over  time  and  time again, that  being Deadwool. I  just can’t say enough about this  guy.

For the  Scene  I  pulled  out another  one  of  my  favorite  designers. I wanted to keep it simple and  uncluttered  for this  shot . But it had  to  be Apple Falls Single Mans’ Valentine from   February. I  know.. it’s  an older  item..but so am  I. I  am  floored every time this  man releases  something, the attention to detail is amazing. Hopefully  soon I will be able  to catch  up on everything  he has released…daym  it.

Apple Fall Masculine Bar
Apple Fall Antique Art
Apple Fall Monogram Suitcases
Apple Falll Banana Tree
Apple Fall Ralph’s Boat
TA Ice Bucket
TA Whisky Glasses
The Loft – Barrel Stool

>> Aeros Avatar Theo <<
IKON Spectral Eyes – Denim
Slink AvEnhance Hands Male – Relax
.Reckless. – Hex ( faded)
no.match_ ~ NO_WALK
no.match_ face spots
Unorthodox Full beard (Facia Hair)
EMORTAL CONCEPTS Black Scruffy Mutton Chops combo 1
RO – Talamasca Frames – Group Gift
::K:: Villa Vest Homme Mocha @ Shiny Shabby
[Deadwool] The Dandy – trousers – beige
BALACLAVA!! Threefold Bracelet (Earth
*pm* Thai Flame Bracelets – Blue Silk, Yellow Curry
-Entente- King Ring, Skull Chief Ring ( no longer availible )
HUDSON’s SRH5 Gift (Wear & Touch Me) Snake Charmer Jewel Set



Time Stands Still

Time Passes Slowly.1

Today I decided to do something a bit different. I normally take a full shot and create ( well try) a full scene with more than just one collection. Well..when I saw what zerkalo had to offer at the Epiphany event I knew this wouldn’t be my normal everyday picture. The jewelry box  is probably the best I have seen in a very long time. Such amazing detail went into this collection i just cannot imagine the time spent on it. I know..I know..whats a man doing blogging something a woman would like and very few men? I will tell you why…because its beautiful and the ladys will appreciate it if you happen to get this for them. ( hint hint fella’s).
I knew I was going to concentrate on the collection alone..but..I remembered the Zigana love letters from long ago and instantly thought of them. There is such a powerful message on the letter I knew it would do nothing but add to the photo. You can take the  meaning  of the letters  in so many  different ways…for  me  right  now it means  this ( Prince Purple rain)

Time Passes SlowlyZigana love_001

[ zerkalo ] Precious Moments – Jewelry Box – EXCLUSIVE to The Epiphany Event
[ zerkalo ] Precious Moments – Vanity – RARE @ The Epiphany Event
[ zerkalo ] Precious Moments – Gloves @ The Epiphany Event
[ zerkalo ] Precious Moments – Make-up @ The Epiphany Event
[ zerkalo ] Precious Moments – Perfume @ The Epiphany Event
[ zerkalo ] Precious Moments – Powder @ The Epiphany Event
[ zerkalo ] Precious Moments – Combs @ The Epiphany Event
Zigana . With love mix


Lost Garden

The Lost  garden

Here  is another  post I  have  been dying  to do. As soon as I got the  Bistro set from Ravenghost I  knew  exactly what I wanted to do with it.  he  just  keeps surprising  me, getting  better and  better all the  time! The detail and  texture  work are  fantastic. Seriously this  is the  guy to watch< he  puts  his heart  and soul into every  piece  he  makes..Kinda  reminds  me  of another  creator..In all due  time sir, in all due time. The tray of champagne  is scripted and  gives a  wonderful glass  of  wine even.
Now I’m continuing to bring you  more  of LB that I found at The Wayward  Carnival, why…because it’s  fantastic. I can not wait  to see what  he  comes  up with  next. I also thru in another  one  of  my  latest finds and thats  the  [Black Bantam] Wheelbarrow And Shrubs from another brand new  event The Epiphany it’s  part  of a  bigger  collection  that  i  plan  on blogging  soon. But  today  it  just a  little  taste of another  wonderful collection. for the rest  of  it  I  went  into my  inventory and  brought  out  all the creators  I  know  and  love. If you like what  you see  be  sure  to  click the  link and  go get  it  for yourself!

*ionic* The Secret Ruins
*ionic* Arch of roses (alpha)
Ravenghost Bistro Table (Chipped Paint)
Ravenghost Bistro Arm Chair (Chipped Paint)
Ravenghost Tray of champagne
LB_Bilbo{Potted}*Birch Group Gift @ The Wayward Carnival
LB_Lombardy{Spring} @ The Wayward Carnival
[Black Bantam] Wheelbarrow And Shrubs RARE @ The Epiphany
junk. paris street sign.
junk. flower bucket. small.
 – 8f8 – primavera in Toscana Wall Grapevine Left
AF Reading Pile
Apple Fall Banana Tree
Dutchie bread and cheese
[we’re CLOSED] butterfly 1 white, Orange, Blue
Botanical – Wooden Arbor with Ivy [Mod Copy]
[LJ] Bronze Pantheon – Dionysus Creates Wine
JA Deer
.a i s l i n g. Stone Floor