Never Back Down


This is another  one  of those  posts where  I am  not quite sure  what  to say..or  how  much rather. The  past  year  for  me  has  been  full of  ups and  downs ( actually  more  downs  than  ups). I went thru health  issues  myself  and  then saw  my  Mother  pass a few months  ago. That in itself  was  hard but the  aftermath  of  it all is  what  hurts the  most. I  have  lost a lot in  my RL world but  always  had people  in Second  Life that  knew and  cared  for  me. Among them all were three women who I hold not  only dear to my  heart in world, but  out  of  it as well. But..somehow..thru everything I was  going thru I  lost  sight  of that. I was so worried about  myself and  what I was going thru I forgot  to stop and think of what those  that  held  me  dear were  going thru. Because  of that, my  ignorance, I have lost  one  of them and that  hurts  more than what God or  any  doctor can  put  me  thru. It  is  truly amazing how  it  affects  me and  it seems  strange… To those that say SL  is SL and Rl is RL I call  bullshit. There  is a  person behind the Avi and  try  as I  may I cannot  live  by the saying ” If you  love someone set them free” ,I  can’t.  I don’t  know  if the  cancer somehow  changed  me, if , when I was  thinking  tomorrow, next  week, next  year would  be  my  last somehow  made  me see and  feel things I  normally  just  shrug  off and  say ” ca sa ra sa ra”. I  can’t  give  up, I can’t  back down I  have to live  my  life  like there truly is  no tomorrow, because there  might  not  be. So you see The  Relay  For life event  means  so  much  more for  me this year. To me  it’s  not  only  about a cure for whats  effecting  our  physical  bodies, but  its also about  healing  our soul.

_______________________________I Will Never Back Down____________________________________

7mad;Ravens Old Town Boxing Gym 14
7mad;Ravens Old Town Dead End
uK-SRS Barrel Mess 2
uK-SRS Barrel Mess 1
[Tampon Inside] Overhead Wiring Pylon with Transformer
[Tampon Inside] Overhead Wiring Pylon with Lamp

Worn :
>> Aeros Avatar Magua << Skin :: nutmeg :: bodyhair
*ARGRACE* GIFT limited color for Hair fair 2015
(Yummy) Round Shades
[Deadwool] Hugo shirt – white @ Men Only Monthly
[Deadwool] The Dandy – trousers – black
.:L&B:. “Dress Shoe” Wingtip Fatpack w/ HUD



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