The Dunes

The Dunes Today I do not  know where  to begin. I will say  it  has  been  hot and  muggy in the  great northwest ( so  much for the  lake effect). So Muggy that as soon as you step outside  the  air  almost chokes ya ( and  not  in a good Roxi always says). So  hot that  ya  wanna  step right  into this  picture and find yourself a  bit  of the shade. This  summer  reminds  me  of the summer  of… oh  no..that would  make  ya think I’m an old fart!
*AF* brought  it  on strong for The Secret Affair with the Stony Hollow Potter’s  Tent Collection, beautifully  done and  the  wheel even has a few  sits. I  just  love the texture work on this  piece. LB ( Little Branch) also added to the  picture. The  Pony palms are  fantastic,  man  he  just  keeps  getting  better. Then  we  have something  I have already  reviewed, that  being  both the Zerkalo  Persian Sit rugs from The Secret Affair and the Bedouin Tent ( In store  now.. I think) Both are wonderfully crafted and textured.
There  is a relatively  new  event The Wayward  Carnival , and  boy  am I glad I found  it. Thank  you Cinder! I couldn’t  pass up  grabbing a bit  more  of  what LB has to offer. I  know..I  know  the Banyan  tree  is  tropical..but I don’t  care..its gorgeous along with the HookThorn. Walking around the event  I also spotted some very  nice camel toe! ( omg  get your  mind  out  of the  gutter!) +Half-Deer+ has  released the Cool Socks Camel,  Oh My Good are they done well. you  can also buy a  plain version if your so inclined..but this  is  SL daym  it..I want  my Camel Toe  covered!
G.O.D Desert
*AF* Stony Hollow Potter’s Tent complete @ The Secret Affair
LB_PonyPalmv1.3 @ The Secret Affair
LB_OliveTree Little Branch MP  link..
LB_BanyanTree-v1.1 @ The Wayward Carnival
LB_HookThorn{Dark} @ The Wayward Carnival
+Half-Deer+ Cool Socks Camel – Look Left, Look Right , Grazing (Floral) @ The Wayward Carnival
[zerkalo ] Bedouin Tent – Sands
[ zerkalo ] Persian Sit – Reds, Sands @ The Secret Affair TSA Logo


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