Wanna Play?

Wanna Play

It started  long  ago, before  you  or I were  ever on this  earth and  it will continue  long after we are  gone. For  you see  my  unfortunate friend we are descendants of  five very evil little  girls. Long ago in Salem these five  girls accused a pastors wife  of  witch craft.  They were  not to be believed  at  first but then thru the  series  of ” tests” and  falsehoods the  woman was  found  guilty and  burned at the stake. Evil  was a afoot indeed in the  home  of the  pastor…but  it was  not  his  wife..it was  her sister.

The day the  burning  took  place  she was among the crowd..watching. She watched  in horror  as  her sister  pleaded  for  help…she also watched as  the  five  girls  snickered and sneered. Slipping  quietly behind them she  plucked a  hair from each and  tucked  it  into her  pocket…then silently  slipped away.

When  she  returned  home she  hatefully  went into her  sisters  bedroom and  collected five dolls from  her  sisters doll cabinet and placed a  hair  of each girl  into them. legend  says that through the  dark arts  she  cursed  each doll to  seek out and take  revenge  upon the  first  born of  each girls  family for  eternity. And so it has  been  for generations each August 1st you  can  hear the  screams of their victims. Now you  might ask ” why  is  there  only four  dolls  in the  picture?” Well..have you  checked  your  doll collection  lately?

Today I am bringing  you  something  both  creepy  and  cute  at the same  time..how odd is that?! When Keiko asked  me  if  I would  blog  her  doll house  collection I  of  course said yes and  rezzed  it as soon as  she  passed  it  to  me.  Now..I am  not  one  for a lot  of cutesy..but..this  house..hell the entire  collection  is  very well made and  thought  about. The  whole  thing  is  pretty  interactive  and  even  plays  music  from the  piano.

Now..Remember what I said about  cutesy?..well that  would  mean  that somehow  in  my  twisted  little  brain I  knew  exactly what  I was  going to do with it..turn  it  into creepy. What  collection spells creepy  now-a-days…oh yeah RO’s  The Doll Maker. These things  take  creepy  to the  next  level. Like Jason did  to horror  movies, Jordon did  to  basketball and Bill Cosby did  for  Unisom. fantastically  made..and..omg the  heads  follow  your  every move …your every move…your  every  move.
Moving on I added  the Nomad Fortune Teller..it’s  creepy  in  its  own right  and beautifully  made ( though  I think the  fortune  has already been told  here). I  had to  top it  off  of  course  by  adding a  virtual cherry, that being the  equally creepy DRD Hanging bodies. beautifully  done  and an inspiration to  all young  girls  out there.

Kei’s Dollhouse Gacha complete @ The Gacha Garden August 1st ( web)
Kei’s Dollhouse Music Room ( Seed of Inspiration prize) @ The Gacha Garden August 1st ( web)
Kei’s Dollhouse Stool @ The Gacha Garden August 1st ( web)
NOMAD // Fortune Teller
RO – The Doll Maker – Cabinet RARE
RO – The Doll Maker – Pram RARE
RO – The Doll Maker – Evil Lynn Doll
RO – The Doll Maker – Debbie Downer Doll
DRD Hanging bodies wall decor ( special prize enchanted August 2014



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