It’s  time  once again for a bloggity  blog!
The Kunst Detroit  set  is  available at Uber this  round and  is  deliciously dark. The  textures are  brilliant and the  items are  of  course  very  well made.  The have a  minimalistic industrial look and  feel and  I hope  I did them  justice by crowding the  room a  bit..but…thats  me.
I was  traveling around the  grid and was  at a store  when I saw the Bazar Stockholm-Bicycle and  knew I had to have  it  for this scene. after  a bit  of  investigating and asking  in the blogger support  group ( I actually saw the  stand  alone  version  of this) I was able  to figure  out where  it actually was… the  daym store. I  had  been  and  saw  it..but  it wasn’t  the stand  alone  I had  wanted..well  come  to  find  comes  in the  package  with the  wall decor  shown  here. I swear Roxi’s  blonde  roots affect  me! But, a  good thing  happened  on  my  many  trips  back and  forth  to the  store and asking  in group. I was  told  that  it  might  have  been  a Stockholm&Lima item so I  had  visited that store  as well and  found the  bicycle wheels wall decor. The  room was  filing  up quick.
Junk opened  up  a  new  sim this week and everything  is 1/2 ya  know  I was  hitting  it,  There  is  also  free  gifts and  a  big  box  of  old  group gifts  for the taking. Ya  owe  it  to yourself  to  go have  a  look! While  I was there I  knew  I  had to purchase  the radiator. I  have  had  my  eye  on  it  for  a  while..and  ya  can’t  beat  1/2 off. The  thing  is  fantastic! Next thing  I did  was  dig  into my Hideki folder and started  rummaging thru it  and found  the  items  I chose  to  display.. ya  just  can’t  go wrong  with  Hideki.

[ kunst ] – Detroit low table @ Uber
[ kunst ] – Detroit clay jar @ Uber
[ kunst ] – Detroit shelves @ Uber
.12 [ kunst ] – Wine bottle & glasses holder @ Shiny Shabby
Bazzar Stockholm-Bicycle on the wall (decor)
Stockholm&Lima: Bicycle Wheels
junk. old radiator.
HIDEKI – Blue Armchair
HIDEKI – Brown Armchair
HIDEKI – Hallway Rug
HIDEKI – Pile of Stuff
HIDEKI – Pyramid Clock
HIDEKI – Boardgame
HIDEKI – Domino
:CP: DiMaggio Patriotic Shelf ( Modded and pieces placed on the kunst shelf)
Apple Fall RENE Wall Art



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