The Jazz Player

The jazz player

If  you  have  never  been  to Nola ( New Orleans for those  not  in the “know’) you  really  need to put  it  on your  bucket  list and  make sure ya go to jazz fest and  check out Kermit Ruffins. Now  for those that  haven’t  heard  of  no.match ( no.match for those  in the “know”) thats a store you  need to visit  now..don’t  you  dare  add  it  to your  bucket  list..add  it  to your right  now  list.

And since I mentioned the  man  himself here  is  one  of his songs. ” Kermit Ruffins ” Drop me off  in New Orleans”

>> Aeros Avatar Magua <<
no.match_ ~ NO_WAY ~
UNORTHODOX Born Sinner Facial Hair
(Yummy) Round Shades
[Deadwool] The Dandy – formal jacket – black
[The Forge] GoT Rings, (House Greyjoy)
BALACLAVA!! Marchin’ On – Lead Trumpet ( retired)


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