Bedroom Adventures

Come Play!!

I  remember as  a  child living  in what at the  time seemed to be a  huge  house,  my  brother  and  I shared a room, as  did  my  two  sisters. it was an  amazing  house and the best  part  of  it was  this  little hidden  room.  A  small hatch door  opened  up in the  back of  our  closet( Small as  in you  had to crawl thru) that  had a  tunnel between the  walls that lead  to a small  store  room. it  was also connected  to every  other  room  on the  upper  floor so you  could  in essence go from  our  room, to  my  sisters  and  parents. The  main  door was  in my  parents  room yet  they  had  nothing  in there  to speak of.  One  day  me  and  my  brother ( I was.. I think around six at the  time , him seven) decided  it  was  there  for the  taking…and  ours. We  took every toy we  had and made  our  own  little  secret  playroom…no adults  allowed..sorry. We  had  countless adventures  in that  room and the  crawl spaces  leading  to  it,  from  pirates  to  banks and  robbers.  The  Lion, The Witch and  The  Wardrobe was  one  of  our  favorite  books at the  time so many  adventures indeed  happened  imagining that  our  little  doors opened  up to us a  place  where  adults  cannot  travel. Our  parents  divorced  shortly  after so we  ended  up living  with  my  grandmother on  my  mothers  side and  our  little  adventure  in the  house  ended. To this  day every chance I get  to go past that  magical  house I do. Sometimes   I sit  across  the  street at  a  now  long abandoned lot and  dream  about those  days..I  miss  them ….  miss  my  parents and  the  happiness  of that  place.

When Apple  fall started  showing  WIP’S of the  new  house  he was  working  on my  mind  wandered back to those  days and  let  me  relive  those  memories  even  more  vivid  than  before. I think  i  have  said  everything i could  ever  say  about the  main..I am  just  in awe.
I  recently  had the  privilege to become  one  of  the NOMAD  bloggers and  it’s an  honor. The  release  of the Sail  gotcha  could  not  come at a  better  time as  I was  reliving  all those childhood  memories and had a  huge  house  to fill. This  collection  is  amazing, the  sits  on the  rare  nook  has  sits  for  the  smaller  avi’s  in  sl, but  still..look great for  decor  for those  of  us that  don’t  have  children  here. I  also dug  out  almost  the  entire childhood toy  collection  from  them…because  they  to are  very  well  just  can’t  go wrong with  this  creator. I’m telling  ya!
Digging  further  into my  vast  inventory  i  remembered having  the  Cheeky pea and  !bang  poses  offering  from the FGC a few  rounds  back and  knew  they  would  fit  this room..perfectly. Now I  had also remembered when  there was a  lighthouse  on  my  sim that  I went  to friday  and  punched the  entire collection  of  nautical  decor…wala…more  magic. Then  there was  Intrigue and  the  recent  offering  of the  bayside  friends  doesn’t  get  any  better!

Apple Fall Hardwick Manor @ the Main store and FaMESHed
NOMAD // Ship Nook // RARE @ Kid To Kid
NOMAD // 01 // Octopus on Shelf @ Kid To Kid
NOMAD // 02 // “Sail” Wall Decor @ Kid To Kid
NOMAD // 03 // Narwhal on Wheels @ Kid To Kid
NOMAD // 04 // Narwhal and Seal Friends @ Kid To Kid
NOMAD // 05 // Boat with Books @ Kid To Kid
NOMAD // Railway Set // RARE
NOMAD // 01 // Race Car
NOMAD // 02 // Retro Rocket
NOMAD// 03 // Fire Lizard
NOMAD // 04 // Tin Robot “Robby”
NOMAD // 06 // “Mr. Spring” Toy
NOMAD // 07 // “Baby Duck” Toy
NOMAD // Tentacle 01 // Color
NOMAD // Tentacle 02 // Color
NOMAD // Tentacle 03 // Color
NOMAD // .02 // Chibi Knight Hero
NOMAD // .03 // Chibi Action Hero
:CP: & !bang – nessie RARE
:CP:  & !bang – crow’s nest RARE
:CP:  Castaway Wheel
:CP:  Castaway Friend
fri.home – corner oars
fri.home – oar decor
fri.home – in the navy
fri.home – nautical silhouettes
fri.home – crew oars
fri.home – ahoy rug
Intrigue Co. – Plushie Pals: Bay Buddies – Display – RARE
Intrigue Co. – Plushie Pals: Suzanne the Sea Lion
Intrigue Co. – Plushie Pals: Jump the Shark
Intrigue Co. – Plushie Pals: Bagel the Seagull
Intrigue Co. – Plushie Pals: Honks the Pelican
HIDEKI – Trombone Lamp
8f8 – primavera in Toscana Curtains Left



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