Hello all! When I was  handed this  set  from UnKindness  recently it  reminded  me  of my  childhood. Dad  would  take  us  to the  drive in at  least  once a  month when we were smaller and we would  sit  in the  back of  his station wagon and watch  in awe. That  is as  soon as  we  got  done  running  around  like  crazy people. It also  reminds  me of  how  things  use to be for  a lot  of  small towns  in the  USA that  now  sit  abandoned and  unseen. Detroit is  one  of the  biggest and  it  saddens  me to see the  city  now  compared to years  ago. Second  life  kinda  works  just  like that at many  beautiful sims forgotten and  no longer  in world.  If  ya  visit one  of these  places and there are  donation  jars  probably  means  give a  little. A lot  of  people  take  a lot  of  time  and  effort just  to see the  smiles  on  other  peoples  faces..but still  struggle  to meet  tier, who knows..maybe  your  10L will save the  sim  you  love.

uK – Old Americana CarPort RARE @ Epiphany
uK – Old Americana Movie Screen RARE @ Epiphany
uK – Old Americana Ticket Booth RARE @ Epiphany
uK – Old Americana Concession Stand – @ Epiphany
uK – Old Americana Fence Segment 1,2,3 @ Epiphany
uK – Old Americana Seat Blue, red @ Epiphany
uK – Old Americana Tire Rim @ Epiphany
uK – Old American Fire Tub @ Epiphany
uK – Old Americana Speakers 1,2,3 @ Epiphany
uK-SRS Ice Freezer
uK-SRS Barrel Mess 1,2
uK-SRS Always Open RARE 2
LB_BanyanTree-v1.1 ( Store  coming soon)
T-Spot Wall Fern No. 1 – Maidenhair – copy/modify
[ We’re Closed]shrub large bare
3D Trees marsh plant 01 C/M
-Virtual Decay- Busted wire fence A,B,C,D
MiChiGaNs ShAcK Trash Pile
MiChiGaNs ShAcK Wrecked Filler Car 1, Car 2
Large Ground Clutter (old market place purchase)
::RA YA Design:: Drunk Girl 6 ,Drunk Boy 1
[dc] Abandoned Gas Station m1 – (14 prim) MP store



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