It’s a dogs life

It's a Dog's  life

Hello all! Im bringing  lots  of  goodies  today from 3 different  events and  somehow they all did that  happen..hmmm? Apple Fall  released the  add-on exclusives for  his  new Hardwick Manor at FaMESHed ( the  Manor  is also  available at the  main store) and  it  is  fantastic!  The fireplace  and  broom fit so well  into the  manor  you would  think he  planned  it..oh wait..he  did. There  is also a free  gift from Apple Fall ,that  being some  of his original hand drawn art..make  sure  you  pick it  up as  its   a separate  item.  I also  received  the [Con.] offering  for C88 and  its marvelous. It  comes  in five  different  flavor, but  being a  man..I  had to display the  red. When I was  setting  up the  room I thought  to myself” what does that couch  need?”…..The  freakin {anc} flottante puppy is what  it  needed! I  only  have 3 words… OH MY GOD. last  but  not  least are the  absolutly fabulous *pm* Grand Cupped Curtains at TFC, I  know..I  only  see  a bit  of  it..but  I am  telling  you they are a  must  have. They  come  with a  texture  change  hud that  has  a  plethora  of  colors..and  not  only  can  you  change the  front..but the  back as well..separately!

Apple Fall Hardwick Manor (512) @ FaMESHed and The Main sim
Apple Fall Clifton Cast Iron Fireplace (White) @ FaMESHed
Apple Fall Straw Broom @ FaMESHed
Apple Fall Gilt Frame (Sea Campion Study) Gift @ FaMESHed
[Con.] Radial Chester Sofa – Red PG @ C88
{anc} flottante puppy. milk . layB, layA / withCollar @ C88
*pm* Grand Cupped Curtains: Rococo @ TFC
Ravenghost Library Book Shelf 2
8f8 – primavera in Toscana Firewood
8f8 – primavera in Toscana Wooden Sifter , Wooden Sifter with Roses
8f8 – primavera in Toscana Pokers
8f8 – La Petite Joie Cafe – Cigarettes SECRET
Apple Fall Verdant Oil Painting
Apple Fall Canvas Tote
Apple Fall Leather Moccasins
Apple Fall Rug
Apple Fall Books & Map
Apple Fall Elderflower Cordial
Apple Fall Crumpled Newspaper
Apple Fall Coffee & Muffin
Apple Fall Plan Chest
Apple Fall Handbag & Scarf
Dutchie small study lamp
Dutchie book with glasses
Dutchie side table
Dutchie Schefflera tall
Dutchie Philodendron tall



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