Out of the Deep

From The Deep

Enchantment opened  its  doors  today with  much  anticipation.. it was well worth the wait.  There  are Mers galore and  the  event  is absolutely gorgeous. I swear  when  you rezz in you  can  smell  the  salty sea and  ..for some  odd  reason…fish.
I am  bringing you  today  a  very nice  surprise. I  discovered Plastic’s Valari Skin and it  is amazing. I  have  been wearing  another creators  fantasy skins for years….no more. These  skins are  so detailed, a lot  more than the other. While they are  not at the event..it  is  worth a trip over to the  main store  to  pick up the  fat  pact..you can thank me  later. I am  also wearing  her  offering  for the  event, that  being the Urseus (Male) Mermaid Fin. it  comes  in a variety of  colors and   I do believe the  female  version has  a top that comes with it…fabulous.  Now whats  a  merman without a  trident?.. just another  fish  in the  sea. While your there  make  sure  you  pick up the  well done  one  made  by [CX]..again..you  can thank me  later. For the  hair  I  chose  the :::Phoenix::: Fabienne Hair , while  its  female..it  fits in with the them  very well and  is well done with  no  problems  with  the  alpha. for a  little  more  detail  I chose two tattoo’s   the  first  being The Wicked Peach – Les Poissons 1 (  it’s  the  colorful one  on my  chest)  and  an  old  favorite  the Folly Tintable Scales Tattoos – Armor. Each add  just the  right  amount  of  detail  to  a skin thats  already  fantastic. Opps..I  almost  left  out the  .aisling. Caly’s Babies they are  delightfully evil don’t you think! They  also have a  texture  change  hud  so you  can  pick and  choose  your  color.

In the  scene  I  used  my  standbys, Skye, ANC, Kalopsia and  Botanical but  I  also threw  in some  finds  from Enchantment.  The  *M.C.* The Rock actually comes  with  poses  to use..but..I really  really  live the  textures  on  it and  also how  it  is  made..  The {L}  kelp , while  it  might  be  a  simple  prim and  not  mesh..is  still very well textured..as you  can  see.  The  nest  is  a  combo of  prim and  mesh..but  again..well done.

I was searching thru all the  poses and  decided  on the NRage Siren 6. It’s  very  dramatic  and  yet  works well with  my  non  mesh  body.

Skye Land Forms Curvy Bank
Skye Land Forms Simple Bumpy Square
Skye Rocky Outcrop Type 1 Type 2
Skye Wild Grass Type 6 short olive
{anc} bubbles . field 1prim /MC
Botanical – Drifting Kelp
Kalopsia – Shipwreck
{L} Dry Kelp; Large @ Enchantment
{L} Dry Kelp; Nest @ Enchantment
{L} Dry Kelp; Single @ Enchantment
{L} Dry Kelp; Medium @ Enchantment
*M.C.* The Rock @ Enchantment
[we’re CLOSED] sunbeam

{NR} Siren 6 @ Enchantment

:[P]:– Valari Skin-Homme:// Valreun
>> Aeros Avatar Maxwell << Beard :: snow weave
:::Phoenix::: Fabienne Hair @ Enchantment
Slink AvEnhance Hands Male – Relax
:[P]:- Urseus (Male) Mermaid Fin:// Steele @ Enchantment
[CX] Tidal Trident (Silver) @ Enchantment
The Wicked Peach – Les Poissons 1 ( Tattoo) @ Enchantment
.aisling. Caly’s Babies M {Unrigged}  @ Enchantment
Folly – Tintable Scales Tattoos – Armor ( Tattoo)

Enchantment 512



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