Going Ashore

Going Ashore .2

Good afternoon all!This will be another  of those  short  sweet  and  to  the  point  blogs…so  hold  on to  my  beer and watch  this.
Kei Has  released her Pirate  booty ( get your  mind  out  of the  gutter) collection  for the FGC and  its actually  pretty  daym fantastic! While  I  have  left a few  of the  items  out…I  know..shameful, it  is  very well  made..and  is  materials enabled, Each  piece  ..well that you  sit your  arse  on,  come  complete with  very  nice  animations, theres  even a treasure  chest  and peg  leg  giver! Since  I  missed a lot  of the  collection I’m going to put the  key  below  so you  can see  it  in all its  glory.  And..ya  know  I had to  included Bruce  baby!
I  had  also  stopped  by  Shiny Shabby and..baam..breaking  news  folks… Deadwool has  made  Hair! Glorious  hair!..but..not  only  that..but a  beard and  stache  to  match!  I  love  it, not  only  is  it well done…but.. the  stache and  beard are  separate  pieces. ( boxed  together) oh..before  I forget.. for  3  days  only  the  mustache rides  are  on  me…literally. I  also picked  up the ::K:: Bal Collar Coat, its  fit  mesh..that  fits. it  comes  in 6  colors ( no  fat  pack) and has  a  texture  hud to  change  both  inside  shirts…or  you can  wear  without.

Kei’s Pirate Crow’s Nest Hammock (Rare) @ The FGC
Kei’s Pirate Gibbet (Rare) @ The FGC
Kei’s Pirate Keg Table @ The FGC
Kei’s Pirate Dock Table @ The FGC
Kei’s Pirate Octopus Stool @ The FGC
Kei’s Pirate Table Decor @The FGC
[Con.] Quint’s Bruce – Blue
[we’re CLOSED] tree 02 dead light
[we’re CLOSED] walkway
[we’re CLOSED] rustic deck

an lar [poses] The Naken Series – One @ Enchantment

>> Aeros Avatar Theo <<
Slink AvEnhance Hands Male – Relax
IKON Spectral Eyes – Denim
[Gos] Custom Eyewear – GOSCAN
*Bolson / Tattoo Essential Pack – Sagmeister
Eternity Mother&Son necklace @ Enchantment
[Deadwool] Undercut hair – blacks @ Shiny Shabby
[Deadwool] Full beard – black @ Shiny Shabby
::K:: Bal Collar Coat Homme Noir @ Shiny Shabby
FATEwear Jeans – Straight Billy

Kei's Pirate Booty Gacha Key



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